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Monkey Shoulder: Sip Bold, Mix Brave – Where Tradition Meets Rebellion!

December 7, 2023
Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder: A Whisky that Dares to Mix The Whisky Category Up 

In the traditional whisky-drinking world, Monkey Shoulder stands out. It’s not your average whisky. It has been voted the No. 1 trending and best-selling whisky by The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2019.

Monkey Shoulder is an attitude, an experience, a dare to go against the norm. The whisky is about doing things differently and not being afraid to colour outside the lines. You can drink it your way. It is “the only whisky made for mixing” into a creative kaleidoscope of mixed music, street art and streetwear. 

Monkey Shoulder
Monkey Shoulder – The only whisky made for mixing. Image: supplied

A Nod to our Heritage with a Modern Twist

The name “Monkey Shoulder” dates back to our whisky-making forefathers, a respectful nod to the men of malt who tirelessly turned the barley by hand. They worked with such dedication that they often developed a temporary condition known as monkey shoulder. Today, we honour their hard work and spirit with every bottle.

Crafted with Care, Made for Mixing – What’s in every Drop? 

What makes this spirit the go-to whisky for the modern connoisseur? It’s our unique blend of three single malts, seamlessly combined for smoothness and flavour complexity that’s rare in the whisky world. It’s the only whisky that’s crafted not just for savouring, but for mixing too – perfect for the adventurous drinker who isn’t afraid to experiment. 

Born from Boldness

Born with the intent to disrupt. It was created with a singular vision: to challenge traditional whisky-drinking norms and redefine whisky enjoyment. Our aim? To offer a whisky that’s both premium and playful, inviting a new generation of whisky drinkers to explore and enjoy the art of whisky-drinking without boundaries. While we are advocates for a stiff drink, we aren’t advocates for the stiff-necked – we want you to enjoy your Monkey Shoulder your way – mix things up, we dare you! 

Rooted in the heart of Scotland, Monkey Shoulder is a proud creation of one of the oldest, notable whisky-making families in history: “William Grant & Sons”. In addition to upholding a legacy that spans over a century, this esteemed family-owned distillery has been crafting some of the world’s finest Scotch whiskies since 1887. With each bottle of Monkey Shoulder, we celebrate this rich heritage, blending time-honoured tradition with our unique, contemporary twist.

The Tale of the Three Monkeys 

Each monkey represents one of the single malts in our unique blend, symbolising mischief, fun, and a refusal to conform. Just like our drinkers, we have character, charisma, and a cheeky spirit that’s distinctly Monkey Shoulder.

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