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Moonchild Sanelly to host The Madness Method on BET

July 30, 2021

South African singer and creative songwriter Moonchild Sanelly just added host under her belt. She has teamed up with broadcaster Jon Savage and – Scotland produced whiskey brand – Scottish Leader, to serve you a dash of madness with South Africa’s most prolific creatives in a new show called The Madness Method. 

On how she landed this new role, the Rabubi singer shares, “Jon interviewed me on his podcast and from there I think he saw how my brain works. So when he had this bright idea to do the show, he called me to say he is putting on a show and I am the only person he knows who is fearless, smart at the same time and emotionally intelligent so I would be able to maneuver people.” 

The Madness Method

The show zooms in on the lives of SA’s best creatives who have fought against the odds in the industry. Moonchild will address topics such as:

  • Patriarchy
  • Black love
  • Gender identities and binary
  • Long drops
  • Toxicity in relationships
  • Navigating the entertainment industry in a COVID world

The colourful and gutsy Yebo Teacher singer is sure to keep her guests on their toes and her audience glued to the screen. With her daring questions and savage replies, she will unpack the core of what makes these guests successful. 

The Masked Mixologist

The show also introduces The Masked Mixologist. They are said to be a new and promising character in South Africa’s entertainment scene. They will be whipping up delicious cocktails for each guest. 

Moonchild Sanelly says, “The mixologist will come up with cocktails that will fit the guest that I have on the day. So if they are edgy, we’ll have something edgy for them.” 

Moonchild will engage in an interview with 10 local creatives over a glass of Scottish Leader infused cocktail. For the next 10 weeks, clues will be given to you, the viewer, to guess who the next guest is before they are revealed every Friday. The clue for Moonchild’s first guest on The Madness Method is said to be a “queen seriously being herself through comedy and acting”.

When I asked if Moonchild was involved in choosing the secret guests she said, “Absolutely! I definitely sent a list of people I thought were interesting enough, that are winning in the industry already but I have never had conversations with. I will be getting to know more about them in an unscripted interview.” 

Madness Method
Moonchild Sanelly bags a new exciting role as a TV host and we cannot wait to see her in action! Image: supplied

She also added that she is as nervous as she is excited because this is new territory for her. 

Moonchild promises that this will be a learning experience for the audience. 

“I feel like it’s such a great thing for me because I have also gotten an opportunity to correct every type of thing that I think about people that interview me. I like that it’s a surprise. You are gonna learn a lot about the artists I will be interviewing,” she said.

The project is shot on location around Johannesburg, including: 

  • The iconic Eyethu Theatre in Soweto
  • Soweto Towers
  • Market Theatre
  • Katy’s Palace in Sandton
  • The vibrant Newtown Music Factory

These venues frame the spectacular Johannesburg skyline and foreground the city of gold where artistic dreams are born. 

The method to the madness

The Director of the show, Jon Savage, shared, “Madness Method is not only one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been involved with, it’s one of the coolest shows you will see on TV this year. It’s an irreverent talk show that breaks all conventions, is full of surprises and platforms the most raw and real discussions you’ll ever hear from your favourite celebrities. 

“Moonchild was born to host this show and she’s supported by a special deck of unique cards to create a brand new Madness Method card game that takes the conversation into unknown territory, a masked mixologist, a set made out of a suitcase and a bottle of Scottish Leader.”

“I just dropped Yebo Teacher and I am dropping another single in August. And I am dropping an album in March 2022,” adds Moonchild to the already exciting news.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new show, The Madness Method! It starts on BET Africa on Friday, 30 July 2021 at 21h30.

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