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Happy mothers are the order of the day

May 11, 2018
Mother and child Mother's Day

Mother’s Day- one of the two days in the year we try our best to show the women who birthed us just how much we love them- is once again upon us. Undoubtedly one of my favourite days, not because I too am a mother, but because it gives me the perfect opportunity to show some seriously serious love to my mother, mother figures in my life, and other mothers who are doing their absolute best to raise a nation.

Mother and child Mother's Day

A mother’s greatest gift, is her children’s love.

Sometimes even thinking of a gift can be so daunting. Understandably so. What do you give a woman with the incredible superpower of giving life? And not just that but gave it to you and will keep on giving it to you even when she has no more to give.
Naturally, if money was never an issue, most want to give their mama the moon, the stars, the land and all of the oceans. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford such. Fortunately, mama does not expect all of this from you. Honestly, most moms just want your love, time, appreciation and respect- and this we can all afford.

Back in my day

When I was much younger (and legit only owned my birth certificate) I used to love making my mother homemade cards and presenting them to her with her morning tea in bed. As small as an incentive as this was for me, it lit up her face like I had infant presented her with a piece of the moon. She would sip on her tea with glee in her eyes as she soaked in every bit of my homemade card not even made from your run of the mill exam pad paper.


A morning cup for mama will definitely set the mood right for the day

As I grew older, and not in the least richer, I learned to save my tuck shop money and combine it with whatever amount my dad gave me to be able to get my mother a present. A proper present from the shops and what not. But without a fail, whatever I would get would have to be accompanied by a homemade something- anything. I somewhat steered away from the crafts, but thank the heavens mama taught me how to cook. This has and will always remain my saving grace.

The here and now

Now that I have (somewhat) come into my own. I relish on buying her things she may testify to not needing. Does that stop me? Never! I just give her her gifts with her much appreciated cup of tea.

Mother's Day Presents

No need to break the bank to show your mama how much you love her.

More times than not, I will get her a gift that I know she will appreciate (because, you know, mother) and also do something that she will really appreciate. In our world, this always equates to food.
This results in my making her:
A cup of tea (with full cream milk and two sugars).

  • A full South African Breakfast (Our rendition of the famous English breakfast with just several additions such as wors, etc)
  • South African Kasi style Sunday kos with all the trimmings (because, you know, mothers day)
  • And me generally just doing my best to make her day as pleasant, restful and peaceful as possible.

It is the small things that count

Ultimately you actually don’t have to break the bank to spoil your mother, and no mother wants you to go bankrupt trying to show her something she should already know- that you love, appreciate and respect her more than you know how to manifest.

Pamper on a budget

Besides cooking up a storm, here are some ideas to show your mom love from the heart:

  • Turn your bathroom into a spa by using foam bath, lighting it up with tealight candles and handing mom her favourite book and drink. Be sure to add some soft music that will really set the mood.
  • Take mom on a picnic or walk at your nearest Botanical Garden. The fresh air and beautiful scenery will leave her feeling rejuvenated revitalised.
  • Should you be into crafts, make her your speciality. From key chains to cards to jewellery. Whatever it is, mama will appreciate it more so because her baby made it especially for her.
  • Do her nails with her favourite nail polish. While you are busy with her nails- TALK to her. Truly find out how she is doing and/or needs any help with anything that you may assist with.
Home made spa for mother

A home made spa is just what all mothers need.

Happy mothers are the order of the day

Whatever it is you choose to shower the person who was the vessel to bring you into this world, and still continues to give you life, be sure to just make her happy. Irrespective of what the media and society may have brainwashed us into thinking, just remember that at the end of the day it doesn’t take much but just effort on your side.

Happy African family

A happy family for Mother’s Day is better than all the gifts in the world

Let us know how you are planning to spend this Mother’s Day and any ideas on how to further make it a memorable day.

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