Nasty C drops visuals for ‘Black & White’ single, featuring Ari lennox

February 25, 2021

South African award-winning hip hop artist Nasty C has joined forces with the talented American singer-songwriter, Ari Lennox, in the release of visuals to their single, Black & White. The song is track 13 on Nasty C’s latest album, Zulu Man With Some Power

Ari and Nasty C celebrate the month of love, which coincides with the rapper’s birthday month. The video highlights a long-distance relationship as they give a few tips on how to keep the spark alive even when you are miles apart – the cute texts messages, face timing, sending flowers and other heart-warming gestures to put a smile on bae’s face. 

Nasty C said, “We couldn’t work together because it was at the peak of lockdown, everyone needed a permit and I think they were going through the same thing there. So we decided to improvise and make it work the best we can without making it look like we were forced to shoot it. We portrayed the story of distance lovers, it can get tough sometimes, there can be trust issues and miscommunication.”

Directed by Kyle White, the video was shot in Cape Town and D.C Washington. Nasty C shares what Cape Town means to him as we have seen him shoot many of his videos in the Mother City. These include SMA ft Rowlene, UOK – a tribute to his mother and many more. 

Nasty C said, “Cape Town is my favourite city and my mother’s side of the family is there. So whenever I am there, I feel a type of energy, I feel good and protected there.” 

Black & White isn’t the only music video that dropped. Stogie T released visuals to his single Dunno collaborating with the Juice back hitmaker. This comes after AudioMarc announced the release of visuals to his single, Audioczzle featuring the Zulu Man With Some Power rapper. 

It’s Nasty C’s world and we are just living in it. Black & White has been featured as the lead song on the Rhythms of Zamunda: music inspired by the movie, Coming 2 America, starring Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes. Other artists from across the continent include: 

  • Tiwa Savage
  • Prince Kaybee
  • Sha Sha
  • Tellaman
  • Ricky Tyler
  • DJ Ganyani
  • Tekno
  • Gemini Major
Nasty C

Nasty C said, “They approached us a year ago when the movie was still being shot. These are things that just come up when they are looking for a soundtrack that’s made specifically by African artists who are from Africa. Whenever an opportunity like that comes, I just grab it because of the exposure it comes with and the type of recognition they are giving for them to think I’m a big occasion, this is something big.”

The Bookoo bucks rapper also released his first documentary, Zulu Man in Japan, with Netflix. In the 44-minute flick, Nasty C explores the culture in the country. You can watch him mingle in studios, collaborating with the hottest music acts and hitting the streets with some of the friends he has made in Japan. More than anything, we see how comfortable he is walking the streets without being hassled for a selfie. 

“It’s such a good feeling man, that’s one of my favourite things about traveling to those places where I am not that famous yet. Wherever I can just get up, get a cab or a taxi and go do whatever I want. It always feels like I am getting a break from being who I am as a celebrity and I get to enjoy living or being a normal person who can go to a store and buy whatever they want without thinking about safety, without thinking about someone taking pictures of me, without thinking about someone invading my space,” said Nasty C. 

Nasty C recorded 8-tracks within 7 days while he was in Japan shooting his documentary. 

Nasty C

“2 tracks are out already, Chotanoshi with JP THE WAVY and a song I did with Toshi. With the other songs, we are saving them for a mixtape. I wanna be able to do something when I go back to that side so that I have a bit more of a catalogue when I perform that side,” said Nasty C. 

Amongst other projects, Nasty C is already working on his upcoming album, which he anticipates will release this year. He hasn’t thought about his release date yet, but he is working on something he describes as “fun and light-hearted”. 

He added that he might revisit some of his Japan recorded tracks and see if they will fit with his 4th album.

The rapper also performed in Kampala, Uganda at the MTV Africa Music Awards that took place on 20 February 2021. 

Black & White music video is already sitting at 1.8 million views within 2 week of its release. The video is available on YouTube. 

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