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Nasty C’s Origins to premiere exclusively on Apple Music

August 27, 2020
Nasty C

Nasty C’s career trajectory reads like a fairytale and his new documentary, Origins (available exclusively on Apple Music) is a look behind the curtain as to how a kid from Illovo, Durban became the household name in hip hop that he is today.

Directed by Andrew Sandler, Origins sees Nasty C (real-name Nsikayezwe David Junior Ngcobo) at his most honest. Travelling back to his hometown of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal to reveal the roots of his musical inspiration.

“I’m a different flavour of Zulu and that’s what I’m trying to show to the world, you know?” Nasty C explains midway through Origins when talking about his father being Zulu and his mother being Xhosa.

Nasty C. Image source: Facebook/NastyCzzle

Born from two South African tribes, Nasty C revels in his upbringing, culture and heritage. His album, Zulu Man With Some Power, speaks to him ultimately owning who he is and inspiring the next generation of black children to dream and embrace their uniqueness.

Focusing on the close relationship he now has with his father, Nasty C reveals in a poignant moment that he didn’t always have his father’s blessing to make music. After the passing of his mother when he was 11 months old, he reflects on how he didn’t have the support that he needed but persevered regardless.

Peppered with anecdotes from the people who’ve witnessed his meteoric rise firsthand, namely his brother (Ayanda Ngcobo), his childhood friend (BU), his manager (Yvette Gayle) and Durban’s biggest concert promoter (Junior Lavie), this documentary is a fascinating look at how Nasty C built his empire by following his dreams.

Zulu Man With Some Power is the biggest pre-add for an album in
South Africa and the biggest pre-add globally for a South African
artist on Apple Music

From crossing perilous rivers in Durban to record his music, to becoming the youngest ever recipient of an award at the SA Hip Hop Awards in 2015, Origins ultimately unveils what fuels this hip hop powerhouse, and is available to stream on Apple Music from today.

Watch Origins on Apple Music Apple.co/nastycorigins

The album Zulu Man With Some Power by Nasty C is the biggest pre-add for an album in South Africa overall. It is also the biggest pre-add for a local artist in South Africa and the biggest pre-add globally for a South African artist.

Much like the pre-order created by iTunes, Apple Music’s pre-adds give subscribers access to an album the moment it is released worldwide.

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