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Pause is Power with POWERADE

May 17, 2023

Life has a way of being so busy that you forget to take a breath and pause. These silent moments in our lives are just as important as the energy we put into obtaining our goals. POWERADE, the sports brand, sees this as an essential part of the day and emphasises the importance of taking a beat. Celebrating the goodness of prioritising your well-being, POWERADE has launched its “Pause is Power” campaign – encouraging you to pause and reflect instead of always being on the go.

Championed by elite sports and fitness stars Caster Semenya, Mapule Ndlovu, Tatjana Schoemaker and Ryle deMorny; they share how pushing the pause button puts them into power. As individuals who work with both their minds and bodies, they know that the rest days are just as important as the active days. When you take a break, you give your muscles a chance to recuperate and regenerate, ultimately making you stronger. This is the ideal time to relax, reflect, reconnect and recover and reap all the rewards that come with it.

Pause is Power with Powerade

POWERADE presents: Pause is Power

Caster Semenya: Pause for Something Bigger Than Yourself

Caster shares in her Pause is Power masterclass that her pause lies in connecting with her fans and how that charges her up. She is also an advocate for self-love and believing in yourself. Having learned to understand herself from a young age gave her the power to be where she is today. A powerful platform that she uses to empower kids and be the role model that she is. Not only does Caster pause for herself – but she also pauses for a brighter future for the next generation. To be the best that you can be, she advises to pause to:

  • Understand yourself
  • Create and be part of your community
  • Communicate and listen in order to comprehend before acting

“I’ve learned first-hand the value of taking a break, and that’s why POWERADE’s “Pause is Power” campaign resonates with me so much. In today’s sports culture, we’re always pushing ourselves to the limit, both physically and mentally, to achieve our dreams,” says Caster Semenya. “But if we neglect our mental well-being, we cannot reach our full potential. That’s why it’s essential to take a moment to pause, whether it’s a deep breath, a timeout, or even a season off. By being kinder to ourselves, we can recharge and achieve our goals with even greater tenacity.”

Mapule Ndlovu: Pause to Be Playful

For Queen Fitnass Mapule Ndlovu, Pause is all about playing and having a good time. Adding joy to all she does has given her career longevity and set her apart from the rest. To add sustainability to what you do, Mapule advises adding play to your pause moment in everything you do by:

  • Include the things you love in your daily routine. It can be anything from music to dancing – as long as it brings you happiness.
  • Add fun and a part of yourself to everything you do.
  • Be confident in asking and being open to learning.

Tatjana Schoemaker: Pause to Regain Your Power

World record holder in the long course 200-metre breaststroke and an Olympic gold medalist Tatjana Schoemaker pauses to reflect where she came from so that she could grow and be part of the elite. Tatjana says, “As an athlete, we are sometimes in such a tunnel vision of ‘you have to do more, you have to do this or else you’re not doing enough’. We never got time to pause and being part of this campaign really made me have to pause and reflect.”

Pause moments give you power to power through life. For Tatjana, she had to pause to get back to what she loved doing. That no matter the outcome – good or bad – she will still be happy with it and herself. At the end of the day, what you do is not who you are. To remind yourself why you are doing what you embarked on, Tatjana advises to pause and:

  • Think about what makes you happy
  • Focus on your process
  • Remind yourself that what you do is not who you are

“Sometimes being the best you is to take that second for yourself,” Tatjana says.

Ryle deMorny: Pause to Do It Your Way

A man who is a world champion lifesaver, fitness guru Ryle deMorny has concurred fears and challenges throughout his life. From a humble town in Cape Town, he overcame a somewhat phobia and anxiety that comes with dealing with water. He went a step further and holds “The Fastest Man on Sand” title. As an athlete, he says was used to doing it all at the same time as it was always about “the now, now now,” Ryle says. 

Unfortunately, life took a turn and he sustained a life changing injury to his shoulder. But it was only the beginning.

Forced to pause, Ryle looked to nature to steadily rebuild his body. Not being able to use his upper body, he could walk and submerged himself in mother nature that gave him back his power. Ryle advises you to take your pause in nature by:

  • Surround yourself with nature. From stepping into your garden to hiking – get out there.
  • Grounding. Take off your shoes and connect with the Earth below you.
  • Take power in taking your time. Reflect within that moment and find that powerful moment within that peace.

Each of these personalities offers a fascinating insight into the diverse reasons for taking a break and recharging your batteries. Making it a point that you use the fuel that is true to you.

POWERADE seeks to empower

Recognising the hard work and dedication behind every achievement, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola in South Africa, Ramokone Ledwaba, emphasises the transformative power of pausing. Acknowledging that the pressure of competition can be intense, Ledwaba believes that “hitting the Pause button allows individuals to regroup, reflect on their experiences, and ultimately tap into their inner strength. Proudly partnering with Caster Semenya, Mapule Ndlovu, Tatjana Schoemaker and Ryle deMorny, POWERADE in South Africa seeks to empower individuals to achieve greatness on their own terms by celebrating the power of the Pause.”

Marketing Director for Coca-Cola in South Africa, Ramokone Ledwab
Marketing Director for Coca-Cola in South Africa, Ramokone Ledwab. Image supplied.

“Pause is Power” is a multi-year platform that has been informed by a select group of passionate young people from all over the world including, U.S., Mexico, Germany, Australia and here in South Africa. The group’s insights have helped direct the strategy and will continue to inform its future direction at a community level as it rolls out around the world. “Pause is Power” brings to life the brand’s desire to power life beyond the win and the brand will continue to champion opportunities for people everywhere to take a necessary pause.

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