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Pilani Bubu’s Folklore – Chapter 1 nominated for a SAMA

July 31, 2020

On Wednesday 15th July, The South African Music Awards announced the nominations for the 26th edition the SAMAs. Amongst the nominees is the conscious story-teller and intentional singer-songwriter Pilani Bubu (36). 

The contemporary folk-soul Singer Pilani Bubu released her third album titled Folklore-Chapter 1 in November 2019. The singer stated that this is proof of the concept of work that needs to be done in celebrating and preserving our heritage through the technology of music. 

Pilani Bubu. Image supplied.

“This nomination is an affirmation that this project series is an important and sacred piece of work. And when done right, could serve its intention for more. I am motivated to continue my work in creating more chapters, curating folkloric content, that future generations can cherish, learn and share,” says Pilani Bubu. 

The album and its repertoire were birthed from the singer’s international travels and shows. Digging deeper into her roots & origins, Pilani Bubu shares stories of South African people in the modern social context, starting thought-provoking conversations about men, women, children in our culture, as well as restoring identity. The music is interweaved with poetry and spoken word to interpreting our folklore. 

The project marks the beginning of a social platform – Folklore.Community – to restore the culture of storytelling in African homes and communities to empower and enlighten future generations with positive constructs and knowledge of ourselves to bring a greater sense of self and confidence. 

The album holds two radio singles: 

  • ‘Boom Che’ – celebrating the strength of women 
  • ‘Baile’ – a response and call to stop domestic violence and the abuse against women and children. 

Songs play-listed on 45 radio stations across the country. 

Pilani Bubu is currently working on the documentary series to drive this agenda through her #folklorefireside events and literature and audio-visual content packaged for the cause #folklore #theartofstorytelling

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