Prioritize self-care this Women’s month

August 23, 2021
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It’s a well-known fact that women the world over tend to put others first. Naturally born nurturers and caregivers – it is in our nature. We just want to see others happy. This in itself is wonderful, but not at the expense of our own well-being and self-care. Co-founder and CEO of lifestyle and wellness website Well+Good, Alexia Brue, says, “Taking care of yourself and making sure your own batteries (and not just your cell phone’s) are getting continuously recharged is really important in order to be effective at work and contribute to societal change.”

Closer to home, skincare brand Clere shares these same sentiments. They are long-time advocates and supporters of: 

  • Self-care
  • Self-love  
  • Strong, independent women 

Clere understands that self-love, the purest form of love, should always be celebrated. The best time to start is now – during Women’s Month. Clere’s well known ‘Spread The Love’ and ‘Show More Love’ mottos speak volumes. They show we should love our whole selves and not just certain parts.

Su-Marie Annandale, Clere brand manager, shares some valuable tips to help you prioritise self-care from today.

Be kind to yourself  

You are doing the best you can. Stop comparing yourself to others. Run your own race and be kind to yourself.

Keep it real 

If your to-do list (whether work or personal life) is overwhelming, then why not identify the top three things you want to achieve the next day? Every evening, breaking it down into smaller, achievable steps. This will ensure you tick things off and feel a sense of achievement.

Feed your soul 

There’s nothing worse than feeling run down or ill. Even worse when you then exacerbating that by feeding your body with all the wrong foods. Plan your meals and choose the foods that nourish you best. Remember – you are what you eat.

Speak to yourself with kindness  

Spend a day listening to the way you speak to yourself. Is it in a positive, loving way? Or are you constantly beating yourself up? Even when you are feeling down, talk to yourself as you would your best friend on her worst day.

Step back from social media  

We love Instagram as much as the next person. But the constant bombarding of filtered lives is not conducive to a positive mindset. So put your phone down and enjoy some face-to-face time instead – all safety protocols in place, of course.


Me, myself and I time! 

When was the last time you scheduled something for yourself? Take a long, warm bubble bath and lather yourself in a nourishing moisturiser after. Clere‘s range of lotions and crèmes offer four unique formulations such as:

  • Tissue Oil and Pure Glycerine
  • Triple Glycerine
  • Pure Glycerine Crème  
  • Glycerine Gel

All are available in different fragrances and catering to the different skin needs of each consumer. If ‘me time’ to you is a workout session, then do that! Or why not take the morning for a mani and pedi session?


The benefits of a good night’s sleep are endless. Make a concerted effort to turn off all gadgets at a reasonable time. Then proceed to enjoy seven to eight hours of high-quality sleep, including a few hours before midnight.

Focus on what matters most 

Living in a world so focused on material possessions, it’s easy to get swept up in striving for what everyone else is looking for. A new car? A new dress? A perfect set of abs? These things are great if they matter to you, but just because they matter to someone else does not mean you need to add them to your priority list. Spend some time determining what makes you happy and go after those things instead.

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