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Review: Nivea Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15

March 22, 2019

Some odd weeks ago, rubybox blessed me and 9 of my people with a facial cream courtesy of Nivea.

The Nivea Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15 is targeted at people with sensitive skin. It is designed to reduce inflammation, dryness, the appearance of uneven skin tone, sooth the skin, and leave it feeling soft, smooth and healthy.

Right off the bat, I liked the fact that NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15 was lush, soft to the touch, and creamy. It is no wonder my combination skin, which is sensitive, prone to breakouts and makes me feel like an adolescent at least once a month for a substantial amount of time, took to it like a duck to water.

My epidermis soaked it up like a sponge. As soon as I slathered it on, the dermis did the things and just slurped it up. I felt moisturised and my skin was silk. It was great – for the whole of 5 minutes.

Then the torment began. My skin pulled in every direction imaginable and I felt dryer than a raisin left in the sun. For review’s sake, I slathered on some more cream and went on about my day.

Nivea Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15 Just Trimmings
There were pros and cons to using the Nivea Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15

I continued using the Nivea cream and it wasn’t that bad. Some days were great where my skin would comply. Others were horrible where my skin would start to dry after 3-4 hours of me massaging the cream into my face.

One of the cream’s active ingredients is Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil. Better known as grapeseed oil, it is a light oil that promotes the absorption of moisture into the skin. Benefits that I appreciate the most about this oil is that it heals acne, tightens pores and reduces the appearance of scars and dark marks.

I, unfortunately, had some minor breakouts, no visible reduction in dark marks, and (AND) my pores got larger (like how is that even possible?).

The NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15, no matter how much I want my skin to like this cream, is definitely not for me. And that’s ok.

On the other hand, my friend who has combination skin loves it! Also being susceptible to dry facial skin, she can’t stop singing Nivea’s praises. She massages it on her face and it keeps her moisturised for the whole day.

Feel free to try it out yourself and let me know how you feel about it.

You can find it at Clicks for R109.99 or Dischem for R99.95.

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