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Protect your roots from the last of the chill

August 4, 2017
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With winter coming to a thawing end, there is nothing more that any naturalist loves more than a good ol’ protective style.

If you premeditate everything from the type of hairstyle, colour, density, length and hair type; then chances are (more often than not) you end up stumbling upon a multitude of styles that you instantly fall in love with.
To help you make up your mind on your next protective style, we’ll give you our top five just to make your decision a little easier.

Ombré black and grey box braids.
Ombré black and grey box braids. Image cred: catface.me

5.Box Braids

The classic never-goes-out-of-style hairstyle. Also known as Poetic Justice braids, made popular by Janet Jackson in the 1993 movie of the same name; they have truly survived the test of time dating as far back as 3500 BC in Egypt. Whether you like them small, medium, large, shoulder or waist length- you are sure to turn more than several heads when you rock these. We are just loving the ombré black and grey combo as well as ombré and silver black.

Havana Twists
Havana Twists. Image Cred: Pinterest.com

4. Havana Twist

Perfect for if you want the fuller, chunkier twist. Whether you wear them short or long- they will add just the right amount of drama to make you shine in any setting. You can apply these with Marley Braid Hair, but we strongly recommend that you go for the actual Havana Twist Hair if you can as it is softer and fuller. Ask your hairdresser to use the invisible root method so that you don’t have that bulky knot at your roots. As big as these braids may get, you can rest assured that they are actually lighter than they seem- ain’t nobody got time to be dragging around a heavy head of hair. Weather in a black, brown or purple- we guarantee that you will look like the classic beauty that you are.

Faux Locos
Ciara just slaying us in blonde and brown Faux Locs. Image Cred: essence.com

3. Faux Locs

Dubbed “fox locs” by many, these have earned a very special place in our hearts. For many of us who yearn to have long lush dreadlocks, but dread the lifelong commitment- Faux Locs is our saviour. What we absolutely love (love- LOVE) about this protective style is its sheer versatility. You can either wrap them or crochet them. Use yarn, Marley braids, or simple Yaki braid- it all depends on you and the kind of aesthetic you are trying to go with. Go for the classic long #1B colour or jazz it up in a green bob, either way, you will turn heads.

Kinky Curly Wig
Curly wig Image Cred: Pinterst

2. Wigs

Nothing like a good wig. That fits perfectly. Like a glove. All the while having peace of mind of your natural hair being protected. If you desire straight hair but adore your kinks, coils and curls too much- then a wig is the accessory for you. For instant longer hair, or shorter hair, bone straight or with the biggest curls that last forever (almost). The main thing we love about a wig is its life span. Take good care of it and it can last you as long as you care for it.

Natural-Looking Crochet Braids
Natural-Looking Crochet Braids Image cred: Youtube TheBrilliantBeauty

1. Crochet Braids

Our number one winter protective style is the crochet braids. Get all and every single style of braids you want in a crochet style in half the time. All you need to do your crochet braids is your choice of crotchet hair and a crochet needle. The best part is that you can install these yourself and don’t even have to know how to cornrow braids as like before- just braid your hair in threes.
We strongly suggest installing crotchet braids using a knotless technique where possible. This will give you the most natural looking style.
Wear any of these with panache worn down, up, in classic black, rosy red or trendy ombré. Either way, be sure to take care of your own hair and scalp and keep it plenty moisturised
Let us finish off this cold season in style, shall we?

-Lerato Mareletse

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