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Refresh 2022 with Castle Lite and their new look

February 22, 2022

Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, Castle Lite, is excited to announce that they are hitting the refresh button in 2022! Castle Lite is coming into the new year with a new look shrink and tray design across all its packs. The brand, which had its last update in 2018, has introduced its new packaging at licensed outlets across the country.

In today’s competitive beer scene, it is imperative for brands to remain relevant and stay fresh. With this in mind, Castle Lite conducted pack research to test its secondary packaging with consumers in 2021. Findings from the research indicated that consumers require products that are very easy to spot within a much-cluttered market. It would make it a seamless shopping experience. 

Castle Lite is a brand that puts premium enjoyment front and centre. We have maintained our position over the years as an accessible premium brand with a distinctive positioning and visual identity. With the packaging refresh, it was critical that the brand maintains its premium look which speaks to our high-quality taste while giving us a more appealing canvas to connect with our consumers. We are excited to introduce our fresh new look with the same refreshing taste that consumers have come to love and enjoy over the years,” says Castle Lite Brand Director, Colleen Duvenage.  

Castle Lite

The new-look boasts an updated colour scheme with blue and grey blends making the packing more appealing and attractive. When researched amongst consumers, they noted that the new colours cue cold, premium and refreshing. The brand has taken a completely different direction with this refresh, with a pack that reflects what’s inside: superior, high-quality refreshment. 

Consumers need not worry, the only thing that has changed is the packaging. The liquid is still the same extra cold, premium and refreshing Castle Lite consumers know and love.

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