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#SaveYourFlava with Simba

May 4, 2021

Food is the stuff that memories are made of. This is the finding of a national social-listening survey of attitudes to food and snacking.

The survey, conducted online and focusing on six months of social-media conversations, found that people are nostalgic about food for the feelings, memories and experiences it evokes. Armed with these insights, Simba has embarked on a national campaign asking South Africans to save their favourite of three iconic Simba Chips flavours.

Having introduced new flavours Chilli Biltong, Chakalaka and Shisanyama to the family, Simba is, unfortunately, letting go of one of their more iconic flavours.

Mzanzi, the time has come to #SaveYourFlava! Simba’s Choose Me Or Lose Me campaign invites fans to vote for their favourite flavour! You can choose from three time-honoured flavours, namely:

  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Cheese & Onion 

The Simba flavour with the least votes risks being delisted – forever! 


“Food is about creating experiences,” said Giulia Iorio-Ndlovu, Simba Senior Marketing Director. “Many of our fondest memories and emotions are linked to food. We want to leverage these emotions to help us decide which flavour we savour the most.”

The social-listening survey revealed how the people of Mzansi often associate food nostalgia with sentimental moments and particular cultural snack foods. They now have the opportunity to decide which Simba flavour has provided the most magical moments. 

If your braai calls for Salt & Vinegar crisps, Cheese & Onion is your chip of choice or Tomato Sauce is your source of joy, then this is the time for you to save your fave.

“Food – and snacking – is about more than just sustenance. It’s also about bonding, making memories and sharing experiences with family and friends,” said Iorio-Ndlovu. “We value the opinions of our consumers, who choose Simba to make their magic moments even more magical.

“Simba has always asked consumers to be part of our flavour journey,” said Iorio-Ndlovu. “The What’s Your Mzansi Flavour campaign led to the launch of Chilli Biltong, Chakalaka and Shisanyama. With new flavours being introduced, we’re considering which of the classic flavours to replace. Our consumers can help us with this important decision in a fun way – and stand a chance to win prizes!”

Simba’s iconic flavours have been part of the South African culture ever since the brand was introduced in 1957. Conscious of this, Simba regularly consults its consumers when contemplating a change. Consumer polls and competitions are a regular feature of Simba’s relationship with its consumers.

“Creating the snack foods that help to shape South Africa’s culture is an awesome responsibility, but also a rewarding one,” said Iorio-Ndlovu. “We look forward to letting our consumers have the last word – and then creating new flavours that will shape memories for another 50 years.”

The way to #SaveYourFlava is to get out there and vote. Family and friends alike can champion their chip!

To take part in the “Choose Me Or Lose Me?” campaign, buy a promotional pack, dial *120*832# and follow the prompts to vote for the flavour you want to save – and stand a chance to win a share of R1 million in prizes.

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