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Shake Your Future with Bacardi

May 18, 2022

Bacardi, the largest privately held spirits company in the world, is bringing Shake Your FutureIt is a free, professional bartender training programme for disadvantaged young adults in South Africa. A first of its kind to be offered in our country. 

Participants of the programme will receive training to develop a career in the art of bartending and mixology. I addition to that, they will also gain invaluable work experience in some of the industry’s top bars and restaurants. This is a great chance for a fresh start in life in a fast pace environment.

The South Africa launch marks a milestone in the ongoing expansion the programme, which originally launched in 2018. To date, Shake Your Future has trained young adults in France, Spain, and Italy, and 80% of graduates have secured successful careers in the hospitality industry.  

The 16-week Shake Your Future course kicked off on the 21st of April in South Africa. It saw 20 aspiring bartenders to start with – 10 in Gauteng and 10 in the Western Cape. There are plans in place for future programme rollouts in the coming months. 

Bacardi’s Shake Your Future program is set on helping the youth of South Africa shape their future.

Bacardi to alleviate youth unemployment

According to a report by Statistics South Africa, the country’s youth unemployment is at an incredibly high rate of 66.5%. Meanwhile, talent in the Ho.re.ca (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes) industry has been one of the most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a challenge that family-owned Bacardi has recognised and is committed to playing a part in resolving. Through its Shake Your Future program, the company is nurturing new talent and providing them with opportunities within the industry, while also supporting its on-trade partners who are struggling to find skilled staff. 

Shake Your Future allows us to give back and support the needs of bar owners searching for talented bartending staff by introducing new, exciting talent for the future,” says Yeshene Singh, Country Manager for Bacardi in South Africa. “We’re proud to bring this truly transformative programme to South Africa. We’ve seen it change lives and build a brighter future for our graduates in other countries and now we can’t wait to do the same here in Gauteng and the Western Cape.”  

Bacardi has partnered with Managed People Solutions (MPS) and Thirst Bar Services in South Africa on candidate selection and creation of a programme that provides students with the best practical experiences in bartending, including the art of bartending and mixology, and practice behind the bar skills.

Graduates will receive a globally recognised certification with Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 1 accreditation, which will afford them career opportunities in the hospitality industry and beyond.

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