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Shekhinah Unveiled as Doughnut on The Masked Singer

August 6, 2023

The Masked Singer South Africa: Detective Panel Solves the Doughnut Mystery

Three of The Masked Singer South Africa’s famous detectives, J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, and Sithelo Shozi, were spot on this week, identifying the show’s delicious masked performer, Doughnut, as singer-songwriter Shekhinah. However, the fourth member of the distinguished detective panel, Skhumba Hlope, missed the mark, being dead sure Doughnut was Amanda Black.

As part of the second group of disguised celebs strutting their stuff for a place in the show’s Top 6, Doughnut lost the battle for anonymity against Lion, Elephant, Tree, and Lollipop.

Unmasking Doughnut: Shekhinah’s SAMAs and Clues Revealed

Even though the name “Shekhinah” popped up a couple of times as the culprit in the Doughnut case, this week’s performance and clues resulted in much confusion. Finally, in the moments before her unmasking, Doughnut’s straightforward revelation that she won four SAMAs and going through the notes in her docket helped J’Something, Somizi, and Sithelo solve the riddle.

The detectives raved about Doughnut’s energetic rendition of Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay,” with which she opened the show. J’Something called it “Fire!” and Somizi babbled, “It was yummy, soft, sweet, succulent. It was just cavitated.”

From Doughnut’s background story, acted out with the whacky Men in Black, the four investigators gauged that she was a cover girl and an award-winning SAMA star.

Clue Analysis: Shekhinah vs. Amanda Black

So, at first, Somizi thought of Busiswa Gqulu, but his analysis of the clues pointed to Shekhinah. How the mic was taken away during her story reminded Somizi of her elimination in Idols SA’s Top 6, after which she proceeded to clinch a SAMA.

Sithelo focused on the magazine covers. Shekhinah graced the covers of Glamour and Cosmopolitan, but the same applied to Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida. So, for Sithelo, the deciding factor was that Shekhinah won four SAMAs.

The Masked Singer South Africa
Shekhinah is The Masked Singer. Image: supplied

As often is the case, Sergeant Skhumba was in his own world: What if Doughnut didn’t win a SAMA but presented an award four times? That is why Skhumba considered Amanda Black, Thandiswa Mazwai, and the actress Sthandiwe Kgoroge.

The Fan Mail Twist and Detectives’ Final Votes

Then, J’Something had a crazy thought, knowing that the show’s producers are tricksters. The week Boity Thulo joined the detective panel, Doughnut was not on stage!

At this point, fan mail addressed to J’Something either muddled the waters or confirmed the panel’s guesses. The fan tipped J’Something off that one of Doughnut’s “It Girls” is a reality show star. Doughnut confirmed the hint, explaining, “My circle keeps it real.”

Somizi made a U-turn to Busiswa because DJ Zinhle, an “It Girl” who suddenly got a reality show, is Busiswa’s bestie. The fan mail clue also confused Sithelo, who settled on Miss SA Shudu.

On the contrary, the letter from the fan played into J’Something’s suspicion. He stuck to Boity, while Skhumba remained convinced Doughnut was Amanda Black.

Shekhinah’s Unmasking and Fond Memories of the Show

Once the detectives and superfan audience cast their votes, Tree and Rhino made it to the next round. When Elephant followed suit, Skhumba was mighty upset about Doughnut’s fate.

Before locking in his final vote, J’Something delved into his notes from all the times Doughnut entertained them. Previously, Doughnut revealed that a couple saved her life, and a friend started her career. It all made sense: Skekhina was adopted, and her first hit was “Take it back to the beach” with Kyle Deutsch.

Somizi and Sithelo agreed, adding the four SAMAs. Despite Doughnut singing a Rihanna song, which Skhumba connected with Shekhinah’s “Hey, Mister,” the comedian settled on Amanda Black.

After Shekhinah appeared from behind the mask, the detectives again congratulated her on the fun and sterling performances she brought to the show. Skhumba was curious to find out if she enjoyed being Doughnut.

Shekhinah replied: “Listen, it felt as if I was in primary school again. I enjoyed it so much. It felt like I was back in the theatre. Thank you for bringing me that nostalgic vibe.”

The Masked Singer South Africa is screened on SABC 3 on Saturdays at 18:30 and SABC 1 at 20:00. There is also a repeat on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00.

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