Take a journey with Shekhinah through Trouble in Paradise

May 7, 2021

Shekhinah navigates love on her highly anticipated sophomore album, Trouble in Paradise, which is available today on all platforms. A well-written tale of the rise and fall you experience when loving someone, being heartbroken and then learning that you should have always loved yourself first. Shekhinah’s 12 track body of work takes us through waves of pain, loss, recovery, and, finally, the acceptance of what her life has become. A contrast to her rose-tinted view of life on Rose Gold, Trouble In Paradise explores the reality of life without all the filters.

The trouble begins with the album opener, Tides, where she finds herself drowning with her partner being the only person that can save her. 

Track two, Not Safe, is symbolic of the bridges you burn to get to where she is, and her paradise is no longer a source of security for her anymore. 

This led to her feeling alone and Miserable without her partner. Making it worse for wear as she was surrounded by all the flames that she has sparked. 

Fixate is a kind reminder to learn to love ourselves the way we want others to love us. This is the key moment as she continues to learn from her past and focuses on being her biggest cheerleader, being a team player and no longer letting herself down. 

Trouble in Paradise
Shekhina – she bring it to you every ball! Image: Elizabeth Donnel

Questions, the focus track off the album, explores all the different questions you have when going through a breakup. 

Fall Apart, Pick Up and Insecure go through the feeling of no longer needing them by your side. Instead, you find yourself reaching for your phone, hoping that they answer your heart’s call and the insecurity you are riddled with while going through this.

The album takes a turn on the Diamonds Do Interlude, where things become more romantic, signalling a move from single to wanting to be engaged. 

Her second to last track, Love it Here, was written by none other than the Grammy Award Winner and local musician, Manana. It celebrates some of Shekhinah’s favourite memories. 

Beautiful, Shekhinah’s favourite song from the album, closes off the entire story and reminds us that we are beautiful as we are, regardless of the path we have walked.

Fans are in for a treat with a focus on exceptional storytelling, which makes you dig deeper and reflect on your journey and how different moments in your life have made you who you are today.

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