Zahara shares her message of hope in new song Nyamezela

May 7, 2021

Multiple SAMA award-winning singer/songwriter Zahara releases her long-awaited single ‘Nyamezela’. The single is a precursor to her forthcoming 5th album entitled Nqaba Yam.

Nyamezela, directly translated means to endure, is the star’s non-traditional take on worship music. Nyamezela follows the overall theme of the album it heralds, ‘Nqaba Yam’, which is a sonic peek into the star’s journal – presented here through her very own country-style music. 

Zahara pours herself out on Nyamezela. Image: anteye

The track was recorded with long-time producer Mojalefa ‘Mjakes’ Thebe in Johannesburg. Mjakes has been instrumental in Zahara’s career and has worked with the songstress since her debut album, proving that they have a winning formula.

Zahara commented“the song explains how I feel, it is my heartfelt declaration that I’m going to endure until I see a new world – one where people are filled with love, and hopefully brings me back to the path of my destiny. I hope it does the same to everybody listening.”

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    August 13, 2021 at 7:31 am

    […] Nyamezela is a stand-out track and very radio-friendly. This is a song for everyone with a relatable and strong message of resilience and courage. No mountain is too high with God by your side. The beat is electric, making it a road-trip banger with your windows rolled down. […]

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