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SodaStream coming through with the Soda Summa Flava

October 9, 2019
Sodastream Flavour cocktails

Easily once upon a time, I wanted a SodaStream machine. Who didn’t? It literally turned tap water into cooldrink. Cooldrink people! That used to blow my mind. Still infusing bubbles in water, the best part about SodaStream is that it has a variety of flavours available that you may add to suit your desires. All that flavour and just a third of the sugar that is found in regular soft drinks. 

I got a chance to be hosted by the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of sparkling water makers, where I had the opportunity to carbonate and mix it up with their latest drink maker aptly named Spirit. It’s easier to use and much more environmentally friendly having a lifespan of about 3-years. It is, Uhm, refreshing to see a company that is taking accountability and thinking of how their product actually impacts the environment. Maybe a little too late and not really innovative especially seeing how most of their products are encapsulated in even more plastic? Perhaps. Hopefully, they will someday come up with a way to make a biodegradable bottle that can last a lifetime. Now that would be something. Until that happens, you can find solace that with the use of the SodaStream Spirit you are in fact lessening your carbon footprint.

Whether you are knee-deep in Ocsober, swear by clean living, or looking to mix up your mixers, SodaStream easily caters to any of your liquid needs. Turn ordinary tap water into sparkling water and flavoured sparkling drinks in seconds. Truly make it your own by adding all your favourite trimmings such as oranges, strawberries, and then some to your heart’s content. Of course, you are more than welcome to have it as is and just let the bubbles dance and shimmy in your mouth, and all-around your taste buds.

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