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Spier Winelands Serves Fresh Flavours With Their New Tasting Platters

October 22, 2023

Welcome to Spier Winelands

As the first blush of Spring unfurls in the Winelands, it brings a fresh change in flavors at Spier. Named one of the 100 World’s Best Vineyards in 2021 and Editor’s Choice – Winery of the Year 2022, Spier is a must-see destination in Stellenbosch. With its expert tableside wine service, the thriving working farm consistently raises the bar in Wineland’s hospitality through its evolving offerings.

New Wine Tasting Platters

Spier Wine Tasting introduces three new delectable platters to enjoy with your wines. Choose from the generous Cheese and Meat Platter, featuring delights like Farmer Angus charcuterie and Dalewood Camembert, a dedicated Cheese platter, boasting an array of locally produced cheeses, or the nourishing and vegan-friendly Garden Bowl that brings fresh seasonal veggies to your table. Designed for two, these platters can be savoured inside among the art-adorned walls or outside on the deck with a backdrop of the serene dam and the grand Helderberg mountains.

On The Menu

With a focus on regenerative farming and local sourcing, most of the produce used in the platters is harvested directly from Spier’s very own Food Garden and Farmer Angus’s meats. Renowned Farmer Angus McIntosh champions the humane treatment of animals and is one of only two grass-fed, pasture-reared beef producers in the Western Cape. Meanwhile, all the cheese and Cream Of the Crop butter is made from grass-fed, free-ranging Jersey cows’s milk and sourced from local dairies.

Which platter will you be your favourite? Image: supplied.

Cheese and Meat Platter

Get ready for a veritable smorgasbord with the Cheese and Meat platter that combines the rich flavours of Farmer Angus charcuterie with the cheesy offerings of Dalewood Camembert and Klein River Havarti. The platter is complemented with lentil hummus, marinated olives, and freshly baked Vadas bread, such as baguette and rosemary focaccia, perfect for mopping up some creamy Jersey Butter. The compressed fruit Mimbrello adds a sweet note, all served with crispy Lavash crackers to add some crunch.

Cheese Platter

Cheese lovers, this one’s for you. The Cheese Platter is loaded with various Dalewood cheeses – including soft Lanquedoc, semi-hard Simond, and delicately textured Hugenote. But that’s just the beginning. Find your bliss in the rich textures of Cremalat Gorgonzola and Foxenburg Goat’s Cheese, along with a touch of Klein River Havarti Gouda. Served with lentil hummus, Jersey butter, compressed fruit Mimbrello, and a selection of fresh Vadas bread and Lavash crackers, it’s a feast sure to satisfy your cheesiest cravings.

Garden Bowl Platter (Vegan-Friendly)

If you’re in the mood for something light and fresh, try our Vegan Garden Bowl. It’s a crisp assortment of seasonal vegetables from the Spier Food Garden. This colorful bowl celebrates the earth’s produce with a delightful blend of textures and flavors, served alongside lentil hummus and an assortment of freshly baked bread, including Vadas baguette and rosemary focaccia. Crisp Lavash crackers add the perfect crunch to this wholesome meal.

Spier extends an open invitation to all visitors to rediscover the joy of simple yet refined pleasures in the unmatched hospitality of the Winelands.

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