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Tamia Takes Us On A Nostalgic Journey With Her Classic Hits

July 14, 2023

Tamia Put On An Unforgettable Performance

Reliving Memorable Moments with Tamia in South Africa

Time Square’s SunBet Arena in Pretoria was bursting at the seams this past Saturday, packed with long-term fans of Tamia. Finishing her three-city South African tour in Pretoria, the Officially Missing You singer captivated the crowd and took us back to a time when cleaning the house was synonymous with Cobra wax polish and the home stereo cranked up to distortion.

A Captivating Performance by Tamia

Donning a cheeky black bedazzled leotard with boots to match, Tamia came on stage to an audience already energized by R’nB soul singer Lloyiso. He had brought out Lunga Mavuso as a surprise guest, who excited the crowd even more.

Lunga Mavuso and Lloyiso performing at Tamia concert
Lunga Mavuso and Lloyiso. Image supplied

Bringing Back Nostalgic Memories

Having released her debut album when I was nine years old, she had me reminiscing about a time when I had no business singing her lyrics as passionately as I was. Tamia sashayed on stage and sang Fallin’ For You, simultaneously greeting the crowd, “Johannesburg, get ready to have a good time!” As she was doing an outro to Imagination, she said, “I’m gonna take you down memory lane tonight. Is that okay?” she asked a cheering crowd!

A Feel-Good Sing-Along Concert

Chile, when I tell you the Tamia Live in South Africa tour was a feel-good sing-along concert – I ain’t lying. The R’nB Soul singer even acknowledged on stage that she was here to be our backup singer. She had us dancing and gave us our moment while she worked the scene and was two-stepping with her backup singers and dancers.

Celebrating Love and Memories

The concert had a steady incline as she brought us our most beautiful memories with cult classic hits such as Still. Tamia also dedicated Spend My Life With You, where Eric Benet features her, to all the married couples in the crowd. She showed out with Love Me in a Special Way, letting her mellifluous range flow all around us.

Tamia and her backup singers/dancers. Image supplied

Tamia reminded us of our first loves and our first heartbreaks. At the same time, she highlighted and brought to life the appreciation of love. Love lost, love found, love given, and love revived with partners, friends, family and, most importantly, the self.

“A lot of times, we feel like we’re pulled in so many different directions. We’re trying to do so many things at one time, and often we feel alone. But I am here to tell you that you are not alone. And that sometimes you need to take time out for yourself, right? Because if you aren’t at 100 percent, how can you give someone else 100 percent? So for all my people tonight, who are feeling not at 100 – this one’s for you,” and then proceeded to perform the empowering and powerful Me, off her fourth studio album titled Between Friends, to a crowd that sang along word for word.

Honouring Quincy Jones and the Music Business

“Give it up for Quincy Jones, y’all,” Tamia said as she shouted out the legendary record producer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and television producer. Singing his praises, she went on to tell us how much she has learned from the icon about the music business. Her most precious memory of him was when they were recording You Put a Move on My Heart. “I’ll never forget being in the vocal booth and looking out at Quincy Jones. Waiting for me to sing that first stanz. He turned off the lights, just like this, and he said, ‘Just sing.’ And it all started right here.” The Canadian-born singer proceeded to put a move on our hearts, and they melted to her melodic voice.

Tamia put on a feel-good performance that was enjoyed by all. Image supplied

Singing along and having the time of my life, I officially lost my mind when she performed Stranger In My House. Right off her debut album, A Nu Day, aus’ Tamia pulled me back to a young 11-year-old me singing about a man she don’t have switching up on her! I sang my lungs out and left my voice where I stood.

Tam Tam, as she was warmly referred to by one of her fans, put on an excellent show that honestly ended too soon. Closing off the show with Who Do You Tell, you had to be there to experience the authentic, beautiful, gracious aura she naturally exudes. Here is to hoping she will revisit our shores sooner than later and deliver yet another remarkable show.

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