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Toast With Amari Lush MCC This Festive Season

December 1, 2023

Amari Wines: A Unique MCC Brand

Method Cap Classique (MCC) enthusiasts and connoisseurs, get ready to embark on a journey of exquisite flavours and unparalleled quality as Amari Lush is now proudly available at Woolworths, delivering an exceptional Lush Vintage Methode Cap Classique to the broader market.

No stranger to the market, Amari Wines is one of South Africa’s only 100% Black owned MCC’s brands which was started by Siyabonga Maphalala, Sazi Ngcobo, Luyanda Maphalala, Xolani Mancotywa in 2017 with Amari Lush being their first variant. 

Amari  Lush embodies a balance of structure & a resounding elegance from Chardonnay, a hint of honey rounds off this Demi-sec. A name already synonymous with excellence in the MCC space, Amari Lush is set to grace the shelves of selected Woolworths stores across the nation today, providing an exciting opportunity for MCC lovers to discover and savor this premium option. 

Amari Lush

Collaboration with Woolworths

This collaboration with Woolworths marks a significant milestone for Amari Lush (after growing the brand in to where it is in other retailers such as Norman Good Fellas…), a brand dedicated to crafting exceptional MCCs that capture the essence of their terroir and the passion of their winemakers. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, Amari Lush has become a trusted name among MCC enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

“Our partnership with Woolworths is a testament to our dedication to sharing the joy of fine Lush Vintage Methode Cap Classique with discerning consumers,” said Amari Lush co-founder Sazi Ncgobo. “We are excited to bring our handcrafted MCC to Woolworths, a retailer giant known for its commitment to quality, premiumness  and excellence.”

About Amari Lush

The name Amari is from African-Yoruba origins and means ‘strength’, it is used chiefly in the English language.
Three years ago we embarked on a journey which entailed creating a Blanc de Blanc Demi-sec MCC that would be appreciated by bubbly lovers. Catering for the sweeter African palate but not completely alienating those that prefer less sugar in their bubbly, we took our time to create a perfectly balanced Demi-sec.
Our immediate and end goal entails; ownership, creating a legacy and black generational wealth whilst making a tangible difference in society.

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