Watch: pH Raw X has a Dance Appetite

January 21, 2021

pH Raw X says, This is one of the tracks which has a light and fun message. I want the project to be a balance of different, everyday situations – and this one is about being out and letting the music take over, it’s easy to fall in love when you let the music do the talking”  

The video, aptly shot in Braamfontein, sees pH Raw X walk along some of the most popular spots for a night out. A female dancer dressed in all black seems to be a literal representation of the artist’s thoughts. The shadow-like persona of the dancer, never leaves the side of pH Raw X, as he sings each lyric, she becomes the reality of each of word.  

The synth-heavy single is a beautifully blended earworm that captures the soulful sounds of international lo-fi, while the staccato keys and whistle add the proudly South African flair made popular by Kwaito. 

Dance Appetite is available as part of a beautifully crafted body of work titled Sense Experience & Ekyoto by pH Raw X. 

The art of collaboration is at the heart of Sense Experience & Ekyoto. pH Raw X seamlessly binds musical genres from a vast spectrum ranging from hip hop to Afro-Soul and Phunk. With Executive Production by pH Raw X and collaborators include: 

  • Sho Madjozi
  • Riky Rick
  • Berita
  • Ootz Tha Afronout
  • Una Rams
  • J Molley  
  • Ricco 

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