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Your guide to summer confidence 101

February 15, 2023

The holidays may be over, but summer is still here for a little while. Beach days and poolside fun is still very much part of our lives as we soak up the last of summer. For some, the idea of this is bliss, but for others, the thought of wearing a swimsuit in public can be very intimidating. Whether you think you’re swimsuit ready or not. Here are a few tips to boost your summer confidence.

Summer confidence 101

1. Wear what makes you feel good

Although it may seem obvious, the summer clothing you select can significantly affect how you feel once you reach the sand, pool or garden picnic, whether you want to choose something long and flowy with a plunging form, cut-out elements, or something basic and slightly more covered up. Today there are so many seasonal alternatives than ever before, so don’t be afraid to try on several different options before selecting the one (or two or three) you feel confident wearing,

2. Compliment other women

Boost your confidence by spreading some optimistic thinking. Tell three other women how much you like their swimsuits, hairstyles, sunglasses or anything else that you like on them. Show love, give compliments and make other people feel recognised, respected, and appreciated.

3. Treat yourself

Confidence isn’t only about looks; it’s about holistic self-care. Staying hydrated and wearing quality sunscreen can still make you feel fabulous and taken care of. You deserve it, so take advantage of this chance to reward yourself with something enjoyable, soothing, and totally indulgent. Be sure to boost your confidence before stepping out with a spritz of Gold Series Serendipity, a perfect summer fragrance with floral and fruity notes. These little actions are examples of self-care and ways to express your love for yourself.

Summer confidence
Gold Series Serendipity

4. Find your tribe

Summertime is a social time, where you spend more time with family and friends. Don’t feel obliged to accept an invitation to meet up if those people do not build you up. Find your tribe, and spend your time with those who help you break out of your thoughts and stop you from focusing on your body. Being surrounded by individuals who are all about having fun and creating beautiful memories will surely leave you feeling good.

5. Accessorise

Who said you had to wear nothing but the bare minimum when you went to the beach or pool? In the same way that accessories can transform an outfit, they may also elevate your summer to a whole new level! A bracelet made with jewels, swanky sunglasses, an enormous straw hat and the biggest beach bag you have ever seen. The most important thing is to enjoy developing your style. You will emit the energy that will make people grin just by looking at you if you appreciate putting your whole appearance together!

Don’t give up if one (or a combination) of these strategies isn’t working. It’s acceptable for everyone to occasionally experience days when they don’t feel good about their appearance. In those circumstances, the best course of action is to admit your concerns, remind yourself that they don’t define you, and then put on that gorgeous summer outfit.

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