Annique turns 50 – and it looks absolutely fabulous!

April 25, 2021

South African esteemed beauty brand, Annique, is turning 50 this year. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Annique has unveiled a fresh, new look to resemble that 50 truly is fabulous!

Known for its use of Rooibos in its range of extensive products, Annique can be found in homes around South Africa since 197. After 50 years of making its mark in the health and beauty industry, it is time to not only deliver exceptional quality products but to do so with a look that expresses its elegance and sophistication as it steps into a new era.

With a new logo and new packaging, Annique is harnessing its extensive experience over the last 50 years in the industry. They have created a more refreshed, modern look while still providing the quality Rooibos based products that consumers have grown to love.

“The new logo has a modern and elegant look and feel, integrating the Rooibos word and abstract visual into its packaging, as it is the cornerstone ingredient of the brand. As the first brand in the world to incorporate this ingredient into our products, Rooibos is synonymous with Annique and is clearly presented in the new look,” explains Adele du Toit, Annique Marketing Manager.

The new logo is easily identifiable and provides the Annique stamp of approval and a synergy across all products under the Annique name. “Following on from the new look and logo, the best-selling and coveted Lucid skin care range, for dry and mature skin, will also claim a new and improved formula, containing green Rooibos and probiotics to comfort and soothe dry skin,” adds Du Toit.

Annique’s new Lucid range.

The new product packaging will be introduced over the next 18 months, starting with skincare. Lucid and Miracle Tissue Oil Body will be this month’s reveal, just in time for Mother’s Day and there are also new health supplements boasting the new look. The remaining Annique ranges will get their new looks during the course of this year, ending with the teas, colour and fragrance in 2022.

“When it comes to reinvention, George Bernard Shaw simply said, ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.’ Annique’s reinvention of its look boasts a younger, more contemporary feel creating a new appreciation for the brand, and appealing not only to current consumers, but new, younger ones as well,” comments Du Toit.

The Annique story began in 1968 when Dr Annique Theron discovered the anti-allergic qualities of Rooibos when she mixed it in her child’s bottle, hoping for something to soothe her daughter’s allergic tendencies. After the amazing results she and her daughter experienced, she shared her experiences when she wrote a book about her journey and founded Annique Health and Beauty in 1971.

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