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Celebrate joie de vivre with Maison Courvoisier

July 6, 2022

Two-time Prestige de la France Award-winning cognac house Courvoisier has long been associated with opulence, belonging and creativity. Established in 1828 by Félix CourvoisierMaison Courvoisier is still true to their lineage as they recently celebrated joie de vivre in the form of festivities that saw the unveiling of their new bottle design and introduction to their Ambassador of Joy – Yinka Ilori.

The exuberant floral cognac welcomed esteemed guests, media and influencers to an event that celebrated the essence of the joy of living – or joie de vivre if you will. Hosted at the renowned Inimitable in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind, the event was a sensory delight. A delicious cocktail of luxury and flair was mixed and enjoyed with a delicious pairing of South African-inspired cuisine, Courvoisier cocktails and great company. All enjoyed on a literal piece of art – a one-of-a-kind table designed by Ilori. Brought in from New York, the table was a stream of the floral notes found in the cognac and was inspired by the river that flows alongside Maison Courvoisier in Jarnac. A functional art installation that seats 120 people, the table breathed joy into the room and guests had the opportunity to marvel at its beauty at a close range.

Courvoisier welcomes Yinka Ilori – Ambassador of Joy

Yinka Ilori is a London-based multidisciplinary artist who specialises in storytelling. He is best known for fusing his British-Nigerian heritage to create unique stories through contemporary design. 

Maison Courvoisier
Your Ambassador of Joy ladies and gentlemen – Yinka Ilori

“For me, the essence of joy is through the use of colour. It makes people smile, it brings people together and delivers a natural sense of conviviality,” said Yinka Ilori. “Like Courvoisier, each piece of my work is inspired by community, a celebration of the fabric of collective energy. This is embodied in the Courvoisier table.”

With Courvoisier being a brand that believes in community, Ilori stands alongside other creatives such as:

  • Actress, writer, producer and director Rashida Jones (USA)
  • Michelin star Chef Vladimir Mukhin (Russia)
  • Award-winning jazz musician Moses Boyd (Britain)
  • Fashion and beauty photographer Betina du Toit (South Africa, France)

They are the creators that Maison Courvoisier has brought together to honour 200 years of celebrating life and cheer the spirit of “We Found Joy”. This will be done through a series of global events inspired by the beauty of summer in Jarnac, France. 

Ilori designed the table as a functional art installation and guests had the opportunity to fully appreciate its joyful colours and lines.

Each creative will bring the multi-sensory experience to life through their respective mediums, which will be showcased in a compilation of films. Titled “Welcome to Maison Courvoisier”, the films will feature on Courvoisier.co.za and capture each individual’s interpretation of joy.

New bottle design – same trusted taste

True to their belief that time is always connected to life, Courvoisier enjoys celebrating the present while honouring their past. The new bottle is designed to pay homage to the French belief of joie de vivre. An ideal they have believed in since the 19th century that saw the cognac house become iconic during the Belle Époque era. The new look is an admiration of the then-bottle design that saw the cognac house become iconic as it took centre stage at the dinner that marked the opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1889 and graced the royal courts of Europe during the 20th century.

“We are entering a new era for Courvoisier,” said Managing Director for Maison Courvoisier Jon Potter. “This is an exciting time for our Maison, as we go back to our roots and embrace what Courvoisier was founded on by Félix Courvoisier. From our home in Jarnac to our portfolio of beautiful, floral cognacs, our house believes in being welcoming to all.”

A cognac that transcends the category, Maison Courvoisier lends itself to festive, daytime consumption. It can be enjoyed neat or savoured slowly in a cocktail. Either way, you experience the drink, it lends itself to a recipe of the invention where you take the lead and submerge yourself in joie de vivre.

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