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Could a TikTok Video Change the Perception of the Taste of a Fanta Flavour? 

January 10, 2024

Innovative Collaboration: Fanta and TikTok Join Forces for #FantaTikTokExperience

In a strikingly original collaboration, Fanta, renowned for exciting and engaging consumers with fun new flavours and campaigns, is teaming up with TikTok, the global platform that has taken short-form mobile videos by storm.

Fanta recently unleashed the #FantaTikTokExperience – an entertaining and innovative experience combining flavour, fun, and cutting-edge technology for TikTok Creators.

Exploring the Senses: Fanta’s Neuroscientific Experiment

The adventure is rooted in fascinating neuroscientific findings that unravel how our senses may influence our perceptions of flavour. Could watching a TikTok video change the perception of the taste of a Fanta flavour? That’s precisely what Fanta set out to discover with this exciting experiment.

“Through our innovative collaboration with TikTok, we have delved into intriguing new facets of sensory perception,” says Zainab Mohamed, Fanta Senior Brand Director at Coca-Cola Africa.

“The compelling dynamics between our senses have never been more apparent. The power of visuals and sounds may transform the taste experience – a revelation that adds a whole new layer of excitement to enjoying Fanta. With TikTok’s pulsating platform, we have been able to bring this sensory adventure to life, providing an engaging, immersive, and truly unique experience for our influencers.”

Fanta Flavour
Dive into the ultimate Fanta TikTok expereince. Image supplied

Interactive Experiment: Fanta’s WebAR Platform

To test this phenomenon, TikTok Creators were invited to scan a QR code on limited-edition Fanta cans. Fanta launched a WebAR platform, guiding users through TikTok videos that the creators watched while consuming a limited-edition Fanta beverage, offering a fun and interactive experience.

As the creators sipped their Fanta beverage, they were presented with the opportunity to test if they could sense the flavour shifting from fruity to tangy, or even bitter, based on the video they watched.

Live Spectacle at Zeitz MOCAA

Prolonging the thrill, an unforgettable live spectacle was hosted at Cape Town’s Zeitz MOCAA on December 20, 2023. It took the neuroscientific experiment a step further by serving influencers the limited-edition Fanta beverage, set against a backdrop of distinct sounds and eye-catching visuals.

The event also featured “Reaction Booths,” fitted with cameras to record the spontaneous responses of creators as they viewed TikTok videos while savoring the #FantaTikTokExperience. The #FantaTikTokExperience is a testament to Fanta’s commitment to providing unique, creative and playful experiences to their audiences. This unique blend of technology, creativity, and sensory exploration breaks new ground, adding a playful twist to enjoying Fanta!

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