DJ Zinhle remixes Locnville’s ‘Miracles’ ft Apple Gule

June 12, 2020

MTV-EMA winning twins, Andrew & Brian Chaplin, aka Locnville partner with Influential Producer, DJ and Businesswoman – DJ Zinhle on the remix of ‘Miracles’ ft Apple Gule.

Initially released on the 7th February as part of their Tribes and Angels EP – the song proved to be a favourite for many. It was evitable that this would become the leading single off their forthcoming Tribes and Angels Remix Pack, scheduled for release 26th June.

Image: Facebook:RealDJZinhle

Says Brian: “I’ve always been a fan of the energy that DJ Zinhle brings to anything she puts out. ‘Miracles’ is one of my favourite drops from the Tribes & Angels EP and I can’t think of anyone better than Zinhle to reimagine the feeling of the track, and it came out beautifully. Get ready to hear this one everywhere you go”.

“Zinhle is a monster in the house scene and I can’t think of anyone better to interpret the sound of ‘Miracles’. It’s such a smooth and soulful track and this remix takes it to the dance floor. Really grateful to have her on board with this” adds Andrew when asked about the song.

Image: Facebook:Locnville

The song is a perfect embodiment, of what a collaborative effort should sound like, where each artists’ sonic identity meets to create a harmoniously blended sound.

“I’m super excited about the release of ‘Miracles’. I’ve been a fan of Locnville and their distinct sound for years, and finally being able to collabo with them, really proved to me how versatile we as African artists are, which is great. The song is beautifully timed considering the current state of the world, and I hope it breeds the positive and compassionate spirit we need during this time. ” says DJ Zinhle.

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