Favourite SA footballers are all for facials at Sorbet Man

May 24, 2022

Sorbet Man in Morningside hosted four footballers for a night of grooming and conversation. The players were invited to a grooming experience on how to care for their skin after being exposed to the sun on the football field all season. These popular ballers enjoyed facials, manis, pedis, beard massages and haircuts.

Footballers Luke Fleurs, Jesse Donn, and Brighton Mhlongo experienced a facial for the first time. These players were, at first, not convinced about having their faces touched, but that soon changed after chatting to our therapist who convinced them to give it a shot.

Supersport player Luke Fleurs (22) says, “This was my first time having a facial and I will definitely be back. My skin feels refreshed and glowing.”

Meanwhile, Oupa Manyisa opted for a mani and a beard massage at Sorbet. The players left feeling revitalized and ready to relax as the football season draws to a close.

Sorbet Man
Oupa Manyisa getting pampered at Sorbet Man.

“We will definitely come back for more and invite our teammates to join the next experience,” says Supersport player Jesse Donn.

Brighton Mhlongo said, “Our feet are our tools we need to take care of them. This experience has been amazing and I am definitely coming back.”

Gone are the days when the spa was considered to be a place for women only. Our male counterparts also deserve the benefits that come with going to the salon. Sorbet Man is such a place where you can go and get your facial and nails done while getting your beard cared for.

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