From South Africa to the world: Blulyt enters the world of Amapiano

June 28, 2021

Blulyt just brought in a new sensational feeling into the world of amapiano as she launches her latest single titled BBB. The new amapiano sound brings a vibrant & heady mix of deep house, inspired by high-pitched melodies. The drums & bass in it are, in a signature Blulyt style, toned down to make space for the top element to drive the song.

The 23-year-old musician from Mafikeng has been featured in many banging tracks such as Obani Lababantu remix with the late Gee Six Five, Lengoma with Master KG and many more. Blulyt believes that now is the right time for her to drop her own music.

“I am extremely excited to introduce my work to the rest of the world. The genre is growing & I want to take it to the dancefloor around the globe. The first thing I’ve learnt is that when you venture in the music industry is that you need to be disciplined & focused, I’m a person who likes to create different ambiences around the music,” Blulyt said.

BBB has officially dropped and I’m excited, Blulyt looks forward to how fans and the music industry are set to receive the song. Gearing up for a lot more in store for the year, Blulyt looks to further breaking boundaries while building a lasting brand.

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