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#FunkItImWalking presents the 100/100 Mentor Walk

August 17, 2021
Nomsa Mazwai

#FunkItImWalking presents the 100/100 Mentor Walk, which will bring together 100 female industry leaders with 100 professionals. This will see each professional get a unique opportunity to go on a virtual 5km walk with an industry leader in their field. Establishing a chance for them to obtain information that could yield favourable prospects for their career.

The 100/100 Mentor Walk will be taking place on the 26th of August at 6 pm. Emerging professionals can visit Funkitimwalking.co.za to choose which industry leader they would like to engage with. Those who apply will be selected on the strength of the motivation that they will fill in. Applicants must be either studying or currently working in their chosen mentors’ field. 

#FunkItImWalking is an NPC founded by Nomsa Mazwai. It aims to make it safer for a woman to walk at any time of day. They believe safety is valuable. If South Africa is safe enough for a woman to walk at any time of day, in any condition, then it is safe for everyone. Safety is valuable, and #FunkItImWalking, through its programs, is unlocking the value of being safe.

In safer communities, the: 

  • Property prices are better
  • Businesses can operate for longer hours  
  • SMEs benefit from eliminating the costs related to security. These are a barrier to entry for many entrepreneurs and possible business innovations. 

Nomsa Mazwai shares, “The 100/100 mentor walk is an annual walk for #FunkItImWalking, which seeks to create and enhance professional networks between generations. We want to contribute towards building the South Africa of our dreams and we believe this is possible through connecting industry leaders with emerging professionals on a 1-hour walking and sharing experience’. 

#FunkItImWalking, let’s walk to freedom. 

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