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Halls gives creativity a space to breathe

August 12, 2021

There was never a better time than lockdown to hone your creative side. Whether this is painting, designing or cooking, it is a medium that allows you to express yourself fully. 

The world is now slowly getting back to what we deem as “normal”. This can prove to pose a challenge to you having time for your craft. To this, Halls has just the solution for you. 

The Breathing Space

Halls has launched The Breathing Space. It is a dedicated hub in the centre of Johannesburg where you, the up and coming artist and designer, can breathe fresh air into your art and bring it to life. They have also partnered up with Forbes’ Africa 30 Under 30 illustrator Karabo Poppy as the programme’s mentor.

Zainab Mohamed, Category Brand Manager for Candy at Mondelez SA says, “With the power of menthol, Halls helps consumers recentre, refresh and go for it. Through The Breathing Space, we want to focus on the power of mentorship in guiding and igniting the fire behind our passions and enabling people to move in the right direction.”

Halls, Karabo and her hand-selected mentees will embark on a collaborative creative journey. They will keep us updated via social media as they share their progress on their time spent at The Breathing space. Once all has been done, wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow on top, the mentees’ creations will be showcased. The designs will also be adapted for exclusive merchandising that will be auctioned to you – the public.

Wanting to give you the opportunity to also learn from Karabo, Halls is developing a WhatsApp chatbot. This chatbot will allow you to engage with her and receive guidance on your craft, which you can then take and breathe fresh air into it.

To celebrate this new chapter and the opening of The Breathing Space, Halls has launched two new flavours:

  • Cola Burst 
  • Ice Tea Zing

They are infused with caffeine and Vitamin B6 to help you stay on your toes.

Whatever your passion, breathe for it #UngapheliUmoya 

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