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Review: ACNE-OIL™ & Face Bar pack

August 11, 2021

As we all know, 2021 has not been any kinder than the previous year. This, for me, has become evident in my skin. Seriously – my acne has been popping like it’s 1999! With nothing working, I was ready to give in and just let it be. Luckily, I was gifted with the ACNE-OIL™ & Face Bar pack. With nothing to lose, I gave it a shot and haven’t looked back since. 

The ACNE-OIL™ & Face Bar pack is a bundle by ACNE-OIL™ and was established to help you finally get rid of those pestering pimples. 

Does ACNE-OIL™ work?

Granted, when I received my pack, I was taken aback to only find oil, a cleansing bar and no moisturiser. This could be problematic as I have combo skin that leans more on the dry side during these dry months. 

Sceptical, I lathered up the colour and fragrance-free glycerine face bar soap between my hands and then massaged the foam on my skin. I rinsed the soap with warm water and let my skin air dry. The packaging does suggest patting your face dry with a clean towel, which is fine as long as you do not rub it dry.

Face dry, I poured some ACNE-OIL™ in my palm and applied it to my face. Still doubtful, I frantically tried to figure out what I would use as a moisturiser. You know, before my skin starts pulling away from my face and then ultimately ripping off. By the grace of the moisture gods – it didn’t. Phew! Turns out the mixture of unrefined cold-pressed hemp seed oil and aloe vera extract is considerably moisturising. 

This is now my night-time regime. I do the same for my daytime routine. The only difference being that I incorporate my trusty SPF 30 sunscreen, which also doubles as my moisturiser. As much as it isn’t that bad, I would still be elated if they added a moisturiser to their arsenal.

It has been a little over a week since I started using the ACNE-OIL™ & Face Bar and it is doing what it says it does. My skin has cleared of all prior breakouts and has had fewer breakouts than before. It was within three days that I noticed a considerable difference in my skin. It was clearer, smoother and obviously brighter, which was reinstated by my mom even taking notice.

acne oil
Currently where my ACNE-OIL™ and glycerine soap is. As you can see, they come in a healthy serving that I predict will see me to spring at least.

About ACNE-OIL™ 

The ACNE-OIL™ comes in a glass bottle, which comes packaged in a cardboard tube with a plastic end cap. I would suggest taking the bottle out of the tube and storing it upright at all times. The cap doesn’t, unfortunately, close tight. This ultimately means that the slightest mishap may lead to your biggest loss of this here green gold.

ACNE-OIL™ is made with all skin types in mind. The oil and glycerine soap are both non-comedogenic, which means they will not clog your pores. Not only that, but it disinfects your pores and helps to clear up:

  • Blackheads
  • Pimples
  • Whiteheads

The Omega 3 fatty acids and linoleic acid in the oil work to regulate the sebum (oil) production in your skin. These are also what we can attribute to the oil’s moisturising properties.  

The ACNE-OIL™ & Face Bar pack does, in fact, visibly reduce acne and fade away marks. I hope they will add a moisturiser to their product line as that will be the icing on the cake. If you are struggling with acne, give it a go let me know how you are finding it.

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