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Sorbet Hairbar celebrates new name with Biosense

October 19, 2022

Forever on the edge of innovation and renovation, Sorbet Salon recently cut the proverbial ribbon as they celebrated a new era with a name change from Sorbet Drybar to Sorbet Hairbar.

Candice Thurston, Marketing Executive of Sorbet Salon, said, “The Sorbet Drybar started with washing, blowouts, styling and nails. Now with the new name change, Hairbar is a one-way-stop for everything – hair and nails!

Ten years ago, the brand saw a need for the busy woman to pop in for a wash and blow or style, which was a huge success. It made life so much easier for our clients. You could pop into one of the salons, and in no time, you were out and ready for your presentation, interview, or event. We gained clients’ trust and confidence with their hair, and soon clients asked us for more services, so we did. We added treatments, and that was not enough. So we added colour, cuts and services for all hair types. Then we even added brow and lash services.”

Sorbet Hairbar x Biosense

To honour this new coming of age, Sorbet Hairbar has partnered up with Biosense. They are a proudly South African professional hair-care brand that creates hairstyles without compromising on the integrity of your hair. One of the main hair treatments that Sorbet Hairbar is excited to introduce is colour treatment with Colorsense. Tried and tested on all hair types, you can rest assured that your locks are in good hands. The Colorsense from Biosensense is specially made for the South African climate. “Biosense’s use of natural ingredients to ensure efficacy and shiny, healthy hair. And the fact that its range has been specifically developed for South African weather and hair types is what sets it apart,” Biosense Hair colour expert Natasha Newman.

Sorbet Hairbar and Biosense recognise that with the festive just around the corner, more people are open to a more daring look. One of the best ways to do that, in a non-invasive manner, is by switching up your hair colour. In addition to making you look good, the colour range from Coloursense will also ensure that your mane remains healthy and happy.

Sorbet Hairbar
L-R Biosense hair colour expert Natasha Newman; Sorbet Marketing Executive Candice Thurston. Image:supplied


Depending on what you want, your hair type and hair colour, you have the option of temporary to permanent hair colour. “When I go to coily, ethnic hair, I always go lower with my peroxide. I don’t treat it the same as caucasian hair,” Newman says, “I would always use a semi- or demi-permanent colour so that also it’s not as strong on the hair, and you don’t change it inside the cortex,” she continued to explain on how she prefers to treat coily hair with colour.

Colouring hair is a skill that Sorbet Hairbar takes pride in. With Coloursense, you can set your mind at ease as every stylist in-store is trained. They will handle your hair – with care – while giving you an aesthetically pleasing look.

“Your hair salons, they will always have to do a through consultation. That’s where they identify the texture of your hair, what is the process of doing it and then choosing the correct colour for whatever type of hair,” Newman explained.

Sorbet Hairbars are, unfortunately, available only in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with 16 salons. “Our big strategy is to roll it out quite aggressively,” Thurston commented as she elaborated that it is the fastest-growing brand in the stable. If you are outside of these two cities, for now, you can be certain that a Sorbet Hairbar is definitely coming to a city near you.

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