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How to indulge in your winter treats without any of the guilt

July 10, 2021
pink doughnut with colorful sprinkles

We are officially in the thick of winter and cocoa with cuddles is an order. Now more than ever is the perfect time to wash down something soft and sweet with something hot and steamy.

A bit of a catch-22 as this is also the time to get summer body ready, right? Mara, we both know those biscuits, slices of cake or doughnuts will not eat themselves. “There are ways to limit the sugar we consume during winter while still enjoying all the good things in life. This can be achieved by choosing products that offer the benefit of great taste without adding significantly to our calorie intake. This allows us to spend less time scrutinising our food and more time enjoying it,” comments Rajnish Ohri, VP of Whole Earth Brands (South Asia, Middle East & Africa).

You can indulge without guilt. The simplest way to do this is by cutting down on your sugar – which is a huge culprit! The soluble carbohydrate is high in empty calories and could possibly make you overeat. Combatting sugar will see you winning half the war. 

Trading Sim found that coffee consumption increases by around 12%. This means that your morning cup of coffee might extend well into the evening.  

Canderel Xylitol

By the grace of all that is sweet and savoury – you don’t have to go cold turkey. Canderel Xylitol offers the same taste and texture as sugar with none of the empty calories. Letting you enjoy your treat guilt free.

The all-natural sweetener has a crunchy texture, is keto-friendly and easy on the teeth. Ideal in your morning cup of tea or for use in your weekend bakes, Canderel Xylitol is a good substitute to that other toxic stuff.

“Being conscious about what you are consuming during winter, but not limiting your favourite winter flavours is definitely possible without compromising on your satisfaction,” says Ohri.

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