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Introducing the new Bepanthen® DERMA Products

May 30, 2023

When it comes to skincare, one brand stands out as a beacon of excellence. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 75 years and trusted by mothers worldwide, this reputable international brand continues to redefine the industry with its latest breakthrough product: the new DERMA products by Bayer.

The Bepanthen® DERMA range comprises of: 

  • A gentle daily wash gel
  • Replenishing daily body lotion 
  • Restoring daily body lotion

All of these are designed to cater to the entire family’s needs. Crafted from natural ingredients, this range is free from colourants, fragrances, and preservatives, setting a new standard for purity in skincare.

Bepanthen® DERMA
Hydration is your skin’s best friend.

Recognised worldwide for its reliable nappy care ointments and formulations that alleviate skin irritation and soothe dryness, the Bepanthen® brand now expands its offerings with the highly anticipated Bepanthen® DERMA product range. Following in the footsteps of the acclaimed Bepanthen® Wound Gel, which accelerated the healing process for minor wounds, these new products exemplify Bayer’s commitment to innovation.

Our skin is the largest organ we have. Not only that, but it’s our first shield against any harm. It must be protected at all costs and deserves nothing less. With the introduction of Bepanthen® DERMA products, made entirely from natural ingredients, you can rest assured that your skin is protected and nourished. The pursuit of healthier and more radiant skin is now more accessible than ever before. 

Bepanthen® DERMA
Dr Michael Mol introduced us to the Bepanthen® DERMA range at the launch event. Image: Supplied

If you struggle with skin issues, you can finally revel in a specialised range of products tailored to hydrate dry and sensitive skin deeply. This new collection offers long-lasting moisturisation for up to four weeks. It effectively reduces :

  • Flakiness
  • Roughness
  • Dry patches
  • Cracked skin

Maintaining optimal skin hydration becomes paramount as we enter the dry winter season.

“At Bayer, we have a strong belief in our cutting-edge research and clinical data that enhances people’s daily lives. Skin is robust yet vulnerable. The Bayer dermatology solutions are designed to safeguard the skin’s protective layer and support overall skin health from head to toe”, says S’thokoza Nhleko, Head of Marketing of Consumer Health for Bayer South East Africa.

“A skin care regimen is generally worthwhile for consumers, and we are delighted to launch this outstanding range that is aligned with Bepanthen’s brand promise of skin healing. Bepanthen® DERMA contains 5 key ingredients to treat dry skin and improve the skin’s hydration”, says Masego Pilanyane, Senior Brand Manager of Dermatology for Bayer South East Africa.

The Bepanthen® DERMA range is now readily available at leading retailers and pharmacies, and it can also be conveniently purchased online from Takealot. 

Discover a new level of skin care excellence and journey towards healthier, more nourished skin with Bepanthen® DERMA.

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