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Courvoisier welcomes you to their first Salon De La Maison of 2023

May 27, 2023

In the scenic surroundings of Gallery Momo-Outskirts, a private art gallery located in the Cradle of Humankind, Courvoisier hosted its inaugural Salon De La Maison for 2023, embodying their Welcome to Our Maison campaign. The event showcased renowned influencers who graciously invited guests to an enchanting evening titled Cognac in Blossom.

Attendees embraced the event’s dress code, adorning themselves in natural hues and earthy tones, creating a striking contrast against Courvoisier’s vibrant red branding. As darkness fell, the illustrious guests radiated like celestial bodies, elevating the atmosphere to one of elegance and sophistication.

Melody Molale

Initially, a rough dirt road led the way to the venue, but the journey transformed into a luxurious and intimate experience. The ambient music, curated by celebrity DJ Khenzero and accompanied by the melodic notes of a live saxophonist, enveloped the attendees. Mixologist George Hunter shared his expertise, demonstrating the art of crafting the perfect cocktail, allowing guests to partake in the delightful experience of mixing their own creations.

Enhanced by breathtaking views of the countryside on a crisp autumn evening, attendees basked in the warmth of glowing fire pits while indulging in a delectable array of culinary delights presented on a harvest table. The delicate clinking of glasses and the lively buzz of conversation reverberated with the palpable joie de vivre that filled the air, creating unforgettable moments that were heightened by the evening’s splendour.

Among the distinguished gathering were notable celebrities and influencers such as Melody Molale and Tristan Du Plessis, who have long-standing relationships with the Courvoisier brand. Joining them were esteemed newcomers to the world of Cognac, including fashion stylist and Creative Director Obakeng Rantlhane, as well as performance and visual artist Kgotlelelo Bradley Sekiti, known as K.Skits.

The room brimmed with Johannesburg’s crème de la crème, including the likes of Comedian Loyiso Gala, radio personality Melanie Bala, socialite K Naomi, celebrity stylist Phupho Gumede, actress Rosemary Zimu, and musician Langa Mavuso.

Stella Bischoff, Head of Marketing at Beam Suntory South Africa, expressed, “Courvoisier’s essence lies in the joy of living, the joie de vivre, and this sentiment was palpable at Salon De La Maison as we welcomed guests ‘into our Maison.’ Throughout the event, guests immersed themselves in the world of Courvoisier, relishing exquisite cocktails, mingling with like-minded individuals, and finding respite in cozy lounge pods, all while surrounded by the captivating beauty of nature.”

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