KZN singer Nomfundo Moh on her debut album titled Amagama

July 15, 2021
Nomfundo Moh

Growing up, singer and songwriter Nomfundo Moh was teased for being petite. Her family called her ‘mosquito’. She embraced that mosquitoes may be small, but they leave a mark when they sting, just as you will remember her after hearing her voice. 

Nomfundo started out doing covers of songs, until she released her debut single, Lilizela, early this year. 

“Lilizela is a love song, I wrote it because I saw this need to address or to emphasise that people should love one another and be happy for each other. 

People have this tendency of thinking everything ends in tears and I wanted to change their perspective,” she says.

Lilizela was followed by her single, Umthwalo.

“Umthwalo is a hopeful song. It accommodates everyone because everyone is carrying their own load/baggage so I wanted to encourage people to talk about their issues. Especially now that we have youth that suffers from depression”

Nomfundo says she started writing in high school but gained more inspiration when she moved to UKZN. That’s where she met different creatives who hooked her up with the Lilizela producer, Martin Manqoba Sosibo, who is also producing her entire album. 

Nomfundo Moh
To Nomfundo, Amagama is a showcase of her writing skills. With the same energy, she has no words to express her gratitude to her fans for the support they have given her. Image Facebook/LilizelaMoh

Her parents were not always supportive of her dream, nothing surprising there. Sometimes parents have a different view of what job security is. Thankfully, with her hard work and showing good academic results in her last year of BSc of Social Work, she won them over. 

Just like her academics, she is putting in the work in her music. The rising star is well on her way with her debut album titled, Amagama. 

“Amagama for me has double meanings: me portraying my creativity to people so that they can see I can write and I try to explore much so that everyone is accommodated on the album.

I talk about life, love, everything. Second meaning is me expressing gratitude to people, that I am short of words to everyone who has supported me from day one till now.” 

Nomfundo has taken the route a lot of new artists are taking now. With little to no features on a first album, she hopes to build a fan base on her own before going for the big names in the industry. 

“I did not feature a lot of artists because I want to prove myself as a songwriter and artist first. On my second album there are gonna be more features.”

With that said, she still has one artist she looks up to that inspires her and hopes to collaborate with in future -Amanda Black. 

Nomfundo said, “I love her writing technique. I love her voice and I like that she keeps to herself and hopefully on my 2nd album she will be featured.”

Nomfundo is currently marketing herself, check out updates on her gigs and the release of her debut album on her Instagram @iamnomfundomoh.

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