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Lite’n Up Mzansi and play #BadNewsBINGO with Castle Lite

March 15, 2023

Lastnight, Castle Lite immersed media and influencers in their lite world by bringing to life their new campaign #BadNewsBingo. The event formed part of the brand’s highly entertaining new communication. It’s inspired by South Africans’ unique way of using comedy and laughter to offset the heavy we often face daily. The campaign launched a few weeks ago has already garnered mass social engagement as Castle Lite, and #BadNewsBingo hosts Eugene Khoza and Tumi Morake flip the script on the heavy daily headlines. 

Castle Lite’s purpose is to bring the lite side of life to the fore, “We are faced with so much heavy daily, and the news is a huge source of this and recently we have been bombarded with a lot. #BadNewsBingo offers us the opportunity to relieve some of that seriousness through humor, wit and the understanding that we really are all in it together. It’s the understanding that while we may not be able to control all that happens around us, we can control how we react to it, with #BadNewsBingo we can reward the nation for looking on the lite side and finding the silver lining.” 

Castle Lite
Cheers to humour getting us through the absolute most. Image cred: Nhlonipho Ant-Eye Zondi

The event took place at one of Joburg’s most spectacular rooftop venues, The Roof Bryanston. It was attended by some well-known personalities, including the likes of: 

  • Anele Papu
  • Carpo
  • Don Design

Tasked with hosting proceedings was none other than ENCA and 947’s brilliant newsreader, Thembekile Mrototo. Thembekile got the evening off to an electric start with a sprawling monologue in which he brought lite to the recent news happenings, sharing some hilarious social commentary; himself realising the importance of keeping things lite despite his day job. 

Internationally renowned comedian, creative producer and host Eugene Khoza, whose comedic career has taken him to places like the Sydney Comedy Festival and the New York Comedy Club, was welcomed onto the stage alongside multi-award-winning actress and comedian Tumi Morake. The trio went on to speak on what makes this campaign so unique and why it’s so important to continue to see the humour despite some of the issues we’re confronted with. 

Play #BadNewsBINGO with Castle Lite

Proceedings ended in style as attendees played a hilarious physical game of #BadNewsBingo. The BINGO cards had funny headlines (written by AI technology), which could be true – given our country. As the game goes, with each headline being crossed off, it gets you closer to BINGO. Once you hit BINGO, everyone playing gets a chance to Lite’n Up, winning some fantastic prizes. 

Castle Lite
May the games begin! Image cred: Nhlonipho Ant-Eye Zondi

This reflects the #BadNewsBingo game Castle Lite is playing on their socials each week, live with the whole of South Africa. When we hit BINGO, there are more Lite rewards up for grabs! Be sure to keep your eyes on the socials as we continue to play the game that is sure to Lite’n Up Msanzi, one heavy headline at a time. 

Because even when we’re losing, YOU could be winning.

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