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Lite’n Up: Castle Lite and #BadNewsBingo Brighten Up the Streets of Mzansi

April 5, 2023

What started as just another Tuesday afternoon rush hour transformed into Lite Hour compliments of Castle Lite and their #BadNewsBingo campaign.

To #LitenUp the streets of Mzansi and bring fun to South Africa’s commute home, Castle Lite served up some fun relief with their take on a lite’r news delivery in support of their latest campaign that aims to Lite’n the heavy news we face on the daily.

The activation took place across 12 locations across the country, with Castle Lite’s news agents delivering over 3 000 newspapers, each wrapped with a Lite’r take on the heavy news stories. Delightfully packaged, these stories were delivered in a uniquely bright and South African manner, successfully reaching over 30 000 commuters and driving the “Liten Up” message. Once again, this progressive and always relevant brand managed to pull out all the stops by partnering with 3 of SA’s biggest newspaper titles to amplify their message and spread the LITE news on the streets.

Castle Lite makes the world a lite’r place

“As Castle Lite, our mission is simple; we want to make the world a little lite’r for South Africans. We have so much heavy we face on a daily basis, the news is just one source of that. The #BadNewsBingo campaign aims to take this heavy and find ways to find the lite. We are aiming to lite’n up Mzansi one heavy headline at a time by looking on the lite’r side,” explained Castle Lite Marketing Manager Michelle Hewitt.

The Bad News Bingo campaign is all about keeping things LITE, turning every bit of Bad News into an opportunity for Mzansi to win. The lite news activation really got people talking and engaging, with commuters sharing their experiences on socials throughout the afternoon.

The brand is committed to always spreading positivity through its campaigns, with this one being no exception. The message is simple; it’s not all heavy if we can keep it Lite.

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