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Savanna is here to help you with your umjolo woes

October 21, 2021

Life hasn’t been the easiest and umjolo seems to have taken the hardest hit. How are you supposed to get to know anyone on an intimate level when social distancing has been the “It” thing for the past two years? Between the masks and curfews, loving moments are limited. Turns out we are also dealing with another pandemic – the umjolo pandemic. 

Taking this issue seriously is Savanna. They recognise the need for intimacy and what it means in this day and age. Savanna is here to help you with your current umjolo woes or just getting back in the game.

“It’s been so long since people were able to work on their dating game and while many have declared their undying love over Zoom. Unfortunately, it’s not a love language when you are on mute. Savanna has decided to step in and help South Africans out with the introduction of Umjolo One Oh One – a refresher course because it has been far too long.

The social media campaign is set to help South Africans get back to umjolo the right way. Dr. Loveback will be guiding the class of 2021, on social platforms. The modules are actually ‘umjolo’ tips for virtual dating during a pandemic, and for those worried about being a tad bit rusty the day they are allowed to get out of their homes and socialize more normally. They’re going to need a little help to responsibly get back into the groove of things, and South Africa’s most loved Cider understands this” says Eugene Lenford, Marketing Manager of Savanna at Distell. 

Savanna to save umjolo

Let Savanna Cider help you get back in the game! 

Get yourself any: 

  • Savanna Dry 
  • Light
  • Angry Lemon

And then:

  • Dial *120*15561# 

And just like that – you could win R1 Million worth of nice things to make dating pots happen. You can look forward to Uber Black rides, data and airtime for those much needed lengthy phone calls and video dates.

“The sun is out, the birds are singing and all around us, new life is overflowing. It would be great to see some virtual local love connections also form during this time. Dr Loveback is an expert when it comes to all things love and lockdown, join the class of 2021 and the worst thing that can happen is that you end up treating yourself and your pals to your winnings,” concluded Lenford.

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