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Savanna Light – It’s not that heavy

October 5, 2021

Savanna Cider is known for its crisp, witty perspective on what makes up our daily lives in sunny South Africa. For your enjoyment, they offer a range of premium dry ciders designed to quench any thirst on any occasion. It is the first cider to launch a Light variant as a choice for a refreshing alcoholic beverage. At a 3% alcohol level, Savanna Light has been enjoyed by men and women across South Africa since 2000 – because, you know, #SiyavannaSouthAfrica. 

“South African consumers hath vibed with Savanna Light for over 1 and 20 years. A testament to the sheerest of delight brought forth to our Savanna community. Apart from having our passions enflamed at the merest consideration of meeting our communities’ needs, we hath also stood fastly in our support of the comedy industrynm, for these two decades.

We proudly proclaim yet another collab with that redoubtable gentleman Lazola Gola. It tis ‘a venture betwixt the biggest comedy stan in the land and a former jester – turned maker of film ambitions to bring you that mirth which is straight out of South Ahh, in our Savanna Light campaign – because Siyavanna South Africa” says Eugene Lenford, Marketing Manager at Savanna.

Savanna Light

Savanna Light for all occasions

There are many reasons people are opting for a lighter cider. More so for the lighter alcohol volume that allows them to enjoy themselves for longer and more responsibly.

Savanna Light is the perfect drink for any occasion. Whether for lunch, weekend braai, a mid-week dinner treat or a party with friends. Keep it light like the conversation and you can have fun and your nobleness too hawu.

“The Savanna Premium Cider range has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a Non-Alcoholic option, a Light option, unique flavours like Angry Lemon, or the iconic Dry. It is the perfect choice when on the prowl for a light and deliciously crisp dry option. Savanna Light is definitely the way to go for those who still want to have fun but would rather take a lighter or moderated approach”, concluded Lenford.

Next time you are out shopping, remember that Savanna Light is a premium, crisp apple cider. It is light in taste and alcohol – perfect for any occasion where you prefer to keep it light. Now available at all liquor outlets.

Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18. 

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