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September 21, 2021

Ever since getting my laptop, protecting it has been heavy on my mind. A cover is a must for all gadgets. More so when you travel with them as they become susceptible to being knocked around. It is no secret that a laptop case – or any case for that matter – absorbs some of the shock that would otherwise rattle and shake the world that is your device.

While searching for a laptop case, I came across Zoodle – an online store all about protective gear for your gadgets. They have everything from laptop cases to screen protectors and smartwatch bands. The great thing about Zoodle is that it caters for anyone who is looking to protect their devices while simultaneously expressing their individuality.

What to expect from Zoodle

I navigated the site with ease as I went about my explorations. Clicking on the menu, you can see everything that Zoodle has to offer, which is:

  • MacBook cases (only – no other laptop covers are offered, unfortunately) 
  • Smartwatch straps for:
    • Apple Watch
    • Fitbit
    • Garmin
    • Huawei
    • Samsung
  • iPad covers
  • Phone covers and protectors for:
    • iPhone
    • Huawei
    • Samsung
  • Accessories for your gadgets
A snap of some of the MacBook cases available from Zoodle.

One of the services that they offer, which I was very appreciative of, is a sizing guide for your MacBook and smartwatch strap. A feature that came in very handy as I wasn’t too sure which case to get myself. 

The product designs are, unfortunately, limited, especially when you filter down to just your device. Zoodle has an affinity for marble designs. Not a bad thing at all. It would have just been great to find multi-colour case options and different art types. Seeing how they currently only have MacBook cases, it would be refreshing to get covers that do not have the Apple symbol cut out as well. Some people would appreciate the anonymity that a case could provide.

I also didn’t take to their “filter by” choices when you try to funnel your options. It would make more sense if I could filter by the model of my device and then get an option to choose my preferred material, colour, etc. Instead, everything is bundled together with some products being incorrectly catalogued. 

My suggestion – start with your device and take it from there. It would be a shame to pick a design first only to find it isn’t available for your gadget. 

Checking out your order

Once you find what you want, check out is easy with numerous payment options for your convenience. Your order is processed and a receipt is emailed to you immediately with another email containing your tracking information following soon after that. 

Zoodle’s service is really like no other. After I placed my order, they reached out to double-check which model laptop I have. All to make sure the case I ordered will fit my laptop. I must say, I appreciated the extra level of attentiveness and service delivery.

Isn’t she lovely 😍

My new laptop case came in two days and in two parts – one top and one bottom. The bottom part is a clear, frosted polycarbonate plastic with cutouts to let your machine breathe. The top part of the case has a printed design of your choice on the frosted plastic.

Now, do not be alarmed when you get your order and it isn’t quite as, hmmm, shiny as it appears to be on Zoodle. They do have a side note stating that the case itself does not include any gold printing in regards to the case that I bought. The product image on the site has been enhanced to give you a better interpretation of the product itself. 

A snap-on plastic case with four rubber non-slip feet, the laptop case is a solid product at a fair price. I do hope they add more options on the site and clean up how the products can be filtered.

Zoodle offers free shipping on all orders on their site. So, no discouraging courier fees that will have you rethinking your cart altogether. Delivery takes 1-4 business days from the day of purchase.

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