Sprite Limelight™ is Back: One Hook, Many Beats

July 5, 2023

Sprite joins forces with Mzansi superstar Cassper Nyovest alongside 3x Grammy-award winning Ryan Tedder

Introducing Sprite Limelight™ Season 2: A Collaboration with Ryan Tedder and International Artists

Sprite Limelight™: Celebrating Music, Culture, and Composure

Following the successful launch of Sprite Limelight™ in 2022, the brand’s ground-breaking program is once again making a comeback, bringing together an exceptional collective of fearless artists with creative points of view and creating original songs via an innovative format: one hook, many beats.

Global Artists Join Sprite Limelight™ Season 2

Sprite Limelight™ celebrates the rich musical history and legacies across global cultures. This year sees the brand partnering with 3x Grammy-awarding winning writer, producer, and lead singer of OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder, to kick off the second season, along with a stellar lineup of artists hailing from across the world:

  • Mzansi superstar Cassper Nyovest
  • Feid from Mexico
  • Lexa from Brazil
  • Lay Zhang from China

Spotlighting Fearless Artists in the ‘Heat Happens’ Narrative

Designed to support its global brand narrative, ‘Heat Happens’, Sprite aims to spotlight fearless artists and help consumers keep cool in the face of everyday moments of heat, based on the insight that music is what they turn to when they want to switch off and clear their heads.

Sprite Limelight

The Creative Process and Personal Narratives of Sprite Limelight™

“With Sprite Limelight™, we present an exclusive chance for our fans to delve into the realm of music discovery. Ryan Tedder took a single hook and challenged the artists to reimagine it in their own distinct styles, offering a fresh perspective. This program not only grants insight into the creative process of musicians but also delves into their personal narratives, aligning with our brand’s core philosophy of maintaining composure amidst life’s challenges. By spotlighting artists from diverse backgrounds, countries, and cultures, Sprite bridges gaps and connects music enthusiasts worldwide, as they collectively explore a refreshing and authentic experience through the universal language of music,” commented Ramokone Ledwaba, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola in South Africa.

Introducing Cassper Nyovest: South African Hip-Hop Sensation

South African hip-hop sensation Cassper Nyovest is a trailblazing artist with infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics. His signature sound resonates with diverse listeners, reflecting his journey and entrepreneurial spirit evident in his record label and ventures. Known for electrifying live performances and inspiring the youth, Cassper has become an icon, receiving numerous accolades and international recognition.

“Soul”: A Collaboration Between Cassper Nyovest and Ryan Tedder

Collaborating with Grammy-award-winning Ryan Tedder, Cassper released the single “Soul,” embodying the Sprite Limelight™ philosophy of overcoming life’s challenges. Tedder’s songwriting and production skills provide the foundation for this empowering track, inspired by the Sprite brand, revealing the human side of global megastar Cassper Nyovest.

Exciting Multichannel Campaign and Immersive Experiences

With the release of “Soul,” now available on major streaming platforms, fans can look forward to an extensive multichannel campaign featuring various content. This includes an immersive “Heat Confessionals” experience with Cassper Nyovest, offering a deeper look into his personal artistic journey and creative process and in-studio footage

showcasing how the lyrics bring his ‘heat’ narrative to life. Additionally, the 360 campaign will feature exciting activations. This will include:

  • On campuses
  • Consumer competitions
  • Exclusive Sprite Limelight™ merchandise
    • Limited edition Cassper Nyovest Sprite bottles

Where to Enjoy Sprite Limelight

Sprite Limelight content will be available on the Sprite Africa YouTube page, social media platforms, and across major streaming platforms:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
  • Amazon Music

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