Thammy Mdluli releases Ticzo Jazz

November 29, 2021

Record label owner, music producer and businessman Thammy Mdluli has split his time between doing what he loves and being an artist. The year 2020 was a nightmare, especially for those working in the entertainment sector. For Thammy Mdluli, it changed the trajectory of recording his 5th studio album. It was the first time, in 39 years of being an artist, where Mduli had more time to focus on himself as a creative.

“As an artist, you never stop creating, be it in your spare time or the middle of a session – there is always something which inspires you to work on something new. When the world went under lockdown life became hard and for us artists, we were left in the dark not knowing what the future holds for us. Dreams and aspirations were permanently put on hold. All live shows and gigs were cancelled – touring the country doing radio tours and promotions became a thing of the past. South African artists had lost all hope not knowing if they would ever return to the stage again.” said Mdluli.

Thammy Mdluli on his 5th studio album – Ticzo Jazz

Thammy started working on his 5th studio album in 2019. A few weeks before his two singles – Jazz It Up & Where There’s Love – were releasedwhich were scheduled to be released in April of 2020. After spending months writing music at home at a time creatives couldn’t operate, Thammy Mdluli penned all his emotions and frustrations. This gave us the masterpiece that is titled Ticzo Jazz that was released 26th of November 2021.

“For the first time in my life I couldn’t go to work and I could record music, the only thing which kept going was my family and my Fender Fretless Bass Guitar. With every cord I strum I found hope and from my turmoil and frustration Ticzo Jazz was born.” continued Mdluli.

Thammy Mdluli
Ticzo Jazz’s tracklist

“This album out of all the records I have worked on for the past 40 years as a recording artist and producer by far is the best produced and composed album I have ever worked on. On this record, I share my frustrations, hurt, love and hope. Ticzo Jazz being the name of the album shares a heartfelt story of my pure sadness and hurt from seeing families being torn apart from the pandemic we are in. While watching the news The Cape Flats song came along after the shooting which shook the nation and Music Connection shares a story of hope as I envision us all dancing and being united as a nation again.”

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