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Keep it neutral: The best colour to attract buyers

October 17, 2022

While most estates have recommended colour codes for exterior colour choices, for the most part, these tend to sit within the neutral spectrum. The options are either a choice of a few related colours or one dominant colour for walls, with a matching accent colour for trimmings. There are many reasons for this, such as consistency of aesthetics across the development, but one primary consideration is the potential resale value. 

While some people might like shocking pink walls, it is not a commonly loved choice. It is safer and more practical to choose paint colours that will most effectively attract a range of buyers. Colours that won’t present them with the added cost of repainting if they don’t like that bright pink, for example.

The different colours of neutral

You may look at the word ‘neutral’ and think it is limited to white, white and more white. But neutrals are much more nuanced. Apart from white, which is still a trendy choice due to its heat-reflecting ability and appearance of cleanliness, there are: 

  • Off-whites
  • Beiges
  • Greys 
  • Greiges’ (a mix of grey and beige) 

All these are available in a vast array of tones and hues. The great thing about all of these colours is that they go with each other and with everything else. It doesn’t matter the landscape or whichever choice of neutral the neighbouring homes are painted.

A simple dining room with a long wooden table, with different and stylish white and green chairs to keep the space open. Image: supplied

If your estate is a new development that has yet to choose its colour palette, or if you’re an existing estate that wants to change its colour direction, warm whites, beiges and greys are undoubtedly the best options for painting exteriors to attract potential buyers. The Architectural Greys range from Plascon has a beautiful selection of grey hues, like GR-Y06 Orchid Bay, GR-Y04 Mandarin Tusk and GR-Y05 Antique Petal, that will create a sophisticated yet subtle appearance. In the Essential Collection, you’ll find a range of beiges and off-whites, like 4 Salt Pebble, 7 Frothy Milk, 1 Evening Mist and 13 Alpaca, that provide warmth and make spaces feel welcoming.

“Picking neutral colours is actually about more than just creating a blank canvas for potential buyers — they help make small spaces look bigger and dark spaces brighter,” advises Caroline Ras of Plascon

Choose the best neutral for your space

For estates that are south-facing or placed in the shadow of a mountain, and where the homes are on the smaller side, white is a perfect choice of paint colour. This is because white doesn’t absorb any light or warmth, it reflects light that comes its way to create the illusion of a bigger space. We recommend using Plascon‘s standard white to achieve a crisp white look, or picking more subtle off-white colours like Ray of Light 07-A2-3 or GR-Y05 Antique Petal. Black obviously does the complete opposite, absorbing light and making spaces look smaller — which is why we recommend steering away from darker charcoal and greys unless they are being used in small doses. 

Natural is another word we like to use when looking at paint colours to attract new buyers. They can be incredibly effective in creating a calm atmosphere, which can help potential buyers feel welcome on first viewing. There are benefits to bringing in subtle touches of colour like 84 Light Sage, 92 Nutter Butter, G2-E2-1 Briar Green and O6-E1-3 Maple Tree to create depth and counteract the starkness of whites and greys. 

In short, neutrals are the key to attracting the largest possible pool of buyers instead of trying to appeal to a select few. By opening up estates to a bigger potential market, they help fuel demand and ensure the appreciation in value. 

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