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Kotex teams up with Boity to smash the stigma around periods

April 20, 2021

Kotex has partnered with rapper, actor and entrepreneur Boity Thulo in a bold initiative to break the stigma women face regarding their periods. The #changethetune campaign aims to start conversations, raise awareness and bust period stereotypes.

“I have made hit songs, given powerful performances and launched major business ventures while on my period,” said Boity. “I’m proud to be a strong, successful woman. Our periods are a sign of that power – we should discuss periods and share period experiences whenever as we see fit. ”

Known for her “Own your Throne” catchphrase, Boity is a much-admired actress, television personality, music artist and businesswoman. She was named among the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019 for her contributions to the entertainment sector.

“Boity is the ideal partner to help us give women the freedom and confidence to live their lives to the full,” said Kotex marketing manager Nthabiseng Leso. “We want to create a space where women feel good about every aspect of themselves, and feel free and empowered to engage openly about periods in society.”

Leso said there was an urgent social need to overcome negative narratives around menstruation and to encourage regular positive discussions amongst both men and women.


“When we stigmatise periods, we stigmatise women,” said Leso. “Meanwhile, women are amazing. We are powerful, dynamic and inspirational and we achieve everything we do while menstruating. Boity is a strong woman who shares our vision and we are proud to have her as a partner!”

“I am all about female empowerment, and Kotex shares the same sentiments,” said Boity. “We are changing the tune about periods and getting women to celebrate their periods. They are a symbol of our strength and our power.”

Leso said women and young girls already face social challenges, and stigma around ‘that time of the month’, should not be one of them.“The #changethetune campaign looks to create a safe space where everyone can share their period experiences in an open, comfortable way,” she concluded.

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