Mvzzle set out to shake up the music industry

June 6, 2020

Born and bred in Musina, Limpopo and raised in a village called Mountain View, Gift Selaelo Morukhuladi, better known as Mvzzle, has always had a flair for music and it took him almost no time to pursue his calling. Having being born in a home where music was a part of the family, his earliest introduction to music was through his father – a Conductor to BandMaster at the SA Army Band.

Forever possessing a beat in his heart, Mvzzle is a self-taught table drummer via his school desk and ruler in grade 6. It was when his brother introduced him to a digital audio workstation (DAW) from Propellerheads called Reason 4 in 2008 when he made his first song. “All he did was just tell me gore this thing is for producing music. But he didn’t tell me how to use it. So I had to learn the hard way gore e’spana byang. So every day I’d be working on it, working on it, until the day I made my first song,” Mvzzle says as he reminisces about his humble beginnings.  

Mvzzle Uvalo Ft Ndu Shezi

Taking his career into music seriously, he took interest in the South African Arts & Culture Youth Forum (SAACYF) where he learnt a lot about the music business, royalties, etc. After graduating from tertiary where he studied software development in 2013, he could not get a job as he was continuously being told that he was overqualified. It was evident to him then that working a normal 9-5 will not work out for him and it was best he just stick to the music – stick to the passion.

On the 1’s & 2’s

The first house song he ever produced gained him entrance into SABC’s 1’s & 2’s. Mvzzle met DJ Zinhle on the set of the DJ competition. “After the show, I spoke to Zinhle; I’m like actually I want to work with you on something,” he said. He sent her two beats where she selected one and sent it out to multiple artists to listen to and have a shot of working on it. It was then when Rethabile Khumalo replied with a fire chorus and thus the birth of hit song ‘Umlilo’ took formation.

After the hit song ‘Umlilo’, he and DJ Zinhle decided to contact more artists for Mvzzle’s 1st single in the industry. This saw the emergence of ‘Uvalo’ featuring Ndu Shezi, which also followed the same process as ‘Umlilo’.

Stepping into the industry with a chart banger, Mvzzzle started getting offers left, right and centre. He decided to sign with Warner Music South Africa as that is where he felt he could cultivate his talent the most. “Warner Music is a place I can call home where my music can be nurtured,” he said.

A hard-working individual who stuck to his passion and still strives to gain more knowledge on it, he didn’t sit and wait around to be signed. Before SABC’s 1’s & 2’s, Mvzzle was already putting in the work and had played at major festivals such as:

  • Mapungubwe Jazz Festival
  • Motsepe Foundation Celebration
  • The First Friday Celebration
  • Major League Gardens

A versatile producer who actually started out producing Hip-Hop, there is a good chance that we’ll get to hear his talents from a different perspective. “I have some few Hip-Hop songs that I haven’t released. Maybe I could just work on them and master them,” Mvzzle said on releasing previous Hip-Hop productions that he has.

No stranger to failure, he almost gave up but instead kept pushing forward and past the doubt. He plans on honing his craft even more and looks forward to dabbling in being a vocal artist in addition to working on more songs.

Mvzzle has released his debut major label, single release ‘Uvalo’ featuring Ndu Shezi, he is solidifying his position in the music industry by making big moves in a short space of time.

Be sure to have a listen right here and look out for him as he is planning bigger things up ahead.

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