Platinum-selling hitmaker Sketchy Bongo presents the cinematic companion video for his current single ‘On Fire’.

December 1, 2019

On Fire is an electronic, house track with a deep bass bounce and soaring vocals. It’s a song about love in all forms, passion and positive energy. The single features Durban based singer-songwriter, Yashna and true to form Sketchy introduces this new artist to the mainstream as he has done with several artists from Durban.

The video, set in an abandoned building in Johannesburg CBD, is the perfect companion for this fire track. Rob Dos Santos directed the video with And Advertising Agency on production. “Sometimes you just want to party. Sometimes you just want to enjoy yourself. Sometimes you just want to set things on fire. That’s what this song and this music video are to me – pure fire. Turn it on, party, and set the world alight. As a team, we wanted to add a layer to Sketchy Bongo’s latest track by introducing subtle contrasts. Whereas the song is full, fast and going to be played in clubs around the world, the video is isolated, thoughtful, and set in an abandoned building in Johannesburg CBD. In addition, Yashna brings a strong performance while we the viewer remain static as flames are mirrored by water.”

Sketchy on the video, “On Fire, is a house track filled with emotion and energy, and this is what we wanted in the video. The director Rob dos Santos executed our video perfectly. He went well above our expectations to create a video that is dynamic, extremely visually appealing, and really shows off our song in the most amazing way”

Yashna on the video, “I was my own stunt double on set which required me to be fearless, quite ironic considering the song speaks on loving fearlessly. The team I worked with were on fire both metaphorically and almost literally, all incredible energies! I was in my element the whole time, fulfilling my purpose.”


Director: Robert dos Santos 
Producer: And
DP: Jono Kyriakou
AC: Craigen Clough
Assistant: Lea Sharples 
Fire Starter: Heath Cordier
Label Executive: Ayanda Mnguni
Exec Producer: Adrian King

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