Spotify and Tinder share their top Valentine’s Day tunes

February 12, 2021

With Valentine’s Day being two days away, Spotify and Tinder have shared some fun new data about how audio brings people together. In the age of being single all while spending more time at home, who doesn’t want to swipe right for someone who has the same taste in their favourite music? After all, you can learn a lot about a person based on what they are listening to. 

Music and podcasts can connect people in a meaningful, personal way. So, this Valentine’s Day, Spotify and Tinder are sharing some trends they’re seeing from their users. As people overwhelmingly want dating and relationship advice, Spotify saw an increase of 278 percent of South African listeners streaming love-themed podcasts compared to this time last year. 

Tinder found that adding an anthem improves your swiping experience, leading to more matches. As music is the number 1 passion that members include on their profile globally, adding an anthem may be the best way to spark a conversation in time for a V-Day virtual date.

To get you ready to swipe for love, Spotify and Tinder rounded up some of the top love-themed tracks streamed on Spotify. 

Be sure to check out Spotify’s revamped Romance Hub, Tinder’s Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify and thier For the Record post for more information. 

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