YFM DJs celebrate ten years on the station

April 23, 2020

YFM, Gauteng’s biggest youth radio station, has been the training ground for some of South Africa’s most successful DJs and radio presenters. In its 22 years, the YFM Y Academy has groomed radio talent and is moulded on the principles of broadcast and all departments within a radio station. After going through an interview selection process, aspiring young interns are taken through a programme that sees them learn and develop skills to help them thrive in the demanding fast-paced radio environment.

YFM is instrumental in keeping talent thriving and contributing to growing names in the industry. Recently the station appointed well-known actress, Altovise Lawrence as a co-host on The Best Drive – YFM’s drive time show.

With an audience that is consistent and tends to grow with the station, YFM has groomed four of its top talent who are now celebrating 10 years on the station. Kutloano “Da Kruk” Nhlapo, Bryce “DJ Ankletap” Clarke, Sabelo “DJ Sabby” Mtshali and Zandi “DJ Zan D” Ngwenya are being acknowledged for their milestones at YFM and their continued contribution to some of the best on-air shows.

When asked what made him fall in love with YFM, Da Kruk, who hosts The Players Club and is a YTKO Mix DJ, says, “The bold opinions, organic culture-shifting and influencing moves by the presenters kept me going. No presenter or talent was trying to be like the next or jumping on hype, they did who they were and that for me translated so well on-air and inspired the lives of others.”

The host of Y mornings, DJ Ankletap, comments, “To be honest I actually can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. It feels like just yesterday that I joined this amazing brand to start my commercial radio career. Having spent ten years with the station is a very proud achievement for me as it has been my life for my entire twenties. I have created such a real connection with my audience over that period and I have been able to grow so much, professionally.”

Commenting on his plans for the next ten years, DJ Sabby who hosts The Best Drive says, “The more I watch Trevor Noah and Black Coffee, I am inspired every day to reach for the stars with my own dreams. I’m already a correspondent with the BBC, so anything is possible. YFM gives me the platform and training to make it all happen.”

DJ Zan D who hosts SA Hip Hop Live and is a YTKO Mix DJ says, “YFM has always set the tone with music, from Kwaito, SA Hip Hop, Dub Step and just recently Amapiano. They played it all first when all other stations were not too sure about those genres.”

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