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Keep the flame alive all year-round

April 9, 2021
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Although February – the official month of love – is long over, appreciating and making someone feel special should not be limited to one month of the year. It should be a weekly, if not even daily act. 

To help you spread the love some more, here are tips you can use to work on your relationship and keep the mystery alive and well.

Put Your Phone Down

These days our phones are like our third hand; we’re always on it even when we should be spending quality time with our partner. Luckily there is a way around it. You and your partner can schedule in “phone-free” time where you agree to put your phones away and instead focus on each other. Define a time, like 6-9 pm each evening, to catch up, connect and be present in the moment.

Laugh more often

Being able to laugh effortlessly with your partner is a great way to create shared joy and priceless memories. In a year where moments of laughter are few and far between, these moments might need to be engineered to your advantage. Choose to watch a hilarious series on Netflix, head out to see a comedy show (in a COVID safe environment) or just invite your funny friends over for a picnic outdoors to get the belly shaking. 

Let love be in the air 365 days of the year,

Everyday encouragement

One of the best ways to show your partner that you care is by being there when they need you – in all areas of life like work, family, friendships and health. Small words of encouragement, compliments and a listening ear can be all that’s needed to truly support each other. And when you both have a deep level of trust towards each other, you’ll feel more connected as a couple. A couple that’s connected with each other can easily keep the flame of love burning. 

Talk more

Sometimes we find ourselves too busy to start conversations with our partners or we think we’ve been with them for so long and there’s no need to spend all night chatting. But really, when you stop talking to your partner, that’s when you run this risk of being disconnected from them. Set aside time, like the age-old date night or day to have meaningful and enjoyable conversations with your partner to keep the flame alive. Talk about things that excite and interest you both. 

Make the effort

In the era of lockdowns, dressing in something other than track pants seems completely out of the ordinary. To keep the flame alive, you’re going to need to shelve your pyjamas for just one night a week and opt for something slightly more ‘dressy’. Grab a jacket and tie or slip on that little black number and complement it with a scent that is sure to grab his or her attention. 

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